SYW025 – How to Start Fresh for Summer

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I believe that every season offers a chance to start fresh, to check in with your priorities and make any needed course corrections. Three months is just the right amount of time to get something done without getting (too) distracted or lost in the weeds. In this episode I walk you through a similar exercise to prepare for the season ahead, as well as offer some optional suggestions for going deeper. The process can be found in the Scrapbook Your Way workbook, which is available in multiple formats.

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  1. Honore Francois

    I appreciate your clarifying and inviting us to see your Trello boards —- inspires me to review mine and gets me closer in the frame of mind for Summer Refresh! I’m eager for it to arrive,. Yes!

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Me too!

  2. Carol

    I absolutely love the “shutter clicks” interspersed between topics! This series is great and I”m looking forward to filling out more of my Trello board this week.


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