SYW043 – Which Planner is the Best?

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Podcast | 7 comments

Which planner is the best? You know us well enough to expect “whichever one works best for you.” That’s just part of the answer we’re sharing in today’s episode. I’m joined by my friend Alissa Williams, whom you heard in episode #28, to run down all of the planners we’ve tried in the past decade. We’ll share what’s worked well and which planners were total fails. If you’re still in search of planner peace, this one is for you!

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  1. Natalie Strand

    I found this episode fascinating! I searched for years for the “perfect” planner, and I found one at Target in 2016 that was very nearly my ideal! I bought a similar one in 2017… and then they disappeared for 2018. I was pretty upset, and after a frustrating search for something I liked online (and I was shocked by the prices of some of those planners out there!), my husband volunteered to help me create my own. He set up a master Excel file to automatically calculate dates (there was no way I was going to keep up with filling in an undated planner!), he painstakingly formatted it so that it prints perfect half-sheets, and we customized my to-do list for the facing page of each week. I use the “Junior” Arc covers, the disc punch and discs from Staples. I love it so much…and listening to this podcast made me realize that I need to print out my copy for 2020! It’s printing as I type… πŸ˜‰
    p.s. I wrote a blog post at the beginning of 2018 about my custom planner, if you’re curious to see it: . One of these days, I really need to write a follow up post to explain how well this planner has been working for me!

    • Teaching Assistant - Kim Edsen

      Wow! Thanks for the link – super impressed. It’s functional as well as pretty!

  2. Betsy Knoche

    I just listened to this episode and really identified with the number of planners and planner failures that had occurred. Until now I was feeling quite guilty that I just couldn’t find my perfect planner. I am now a happy hybrid planner. I have a Bullet Journal because I really do like to write lists and I subscribe to the theory of “if I write it down I can better remember it.” But I am also very digital with my calendar and errand lists. I am just beginning to use Trello and was intrigued by Jennifer’s emailing to Trello cards. I looked on the site and I have this really long hex-language looking e-mail. Is that how it is done? And how do you add to a particular card? It looks like a Board has a unique email, but Jennifer was talking in the context of added things her daughter said to a particular card. I am a Trello newbie but this sounds interesting.

  3. Betsy Knoche

    I took the Trello pop up class and I’ll listen to episode 24 to find out more. I can figure e-mail thing out for myself. That, actually, is part of the fun!

  4. Amy

    I was just going to ask if you would be doing a Trello class, and I see Betsy’s comment that she took a Trello class. I’m pretty new to the membership, so I’m wondering how pop-up classes work. Are they available more than once? Will you be offering it again soon? Thanks!

    • Teaching Assistant - Kim Edsen

      Amy, The Pop-Up Workshops were small courses designed as an introduction to topics that were often discussed within the membership. As a member the workshop content will be available for at least a year from when it was first offered, possibly longer, depending on the topic. They aren’t time intensive classes, and the community is still active if you work through them at your own pace and have questions or need feedback. You can find all four of our 2019 Pop Up Workshops in the membership by accessing Courses > The Pop-Up Workshops from the menu options. Happy Trello planning!

  5. Amy

    Thank you, Betsy!


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