SYW048 – Crafting a Year of Intention

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A few months ago I asked Iris Fox if she wanted to chat about her personal wellness journey, but this episode blossomed into so much more. We discuss how our intentions shape our successes and challenges, covering the keto diet, scrapbooking projects for 2020, growing an online business without going crazy, and specific strategies for daily and weekly planning.

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  1. Maria Williams

    This was a wonderful way to spend some self care hours! I enjoyed this episode so very much! I will listen to this again, there are so many nuggets of great information that I’m sure I didn’t catch them all. Thanks Jennifer and Iris!

  2. Sierra

    I really enjoyed this being one longer episode. It covered a bunch of topics but they were all relevant to my post-Christmas, pre-new year reflection time. Great recommendations during the chat, too. I paused to follow links several times. Keep up the great work! I love this podcast!

  3. Helen Howell

    Thanks for keeping me company during a big organization project!

  4. Ruth Tacoma

    I always love your podcast, but I am very excited for Iris & her new business! The December daily style files are so fun. I also have been dealing with health stuff and your conversations on food were really timely for me. Sometimes it’s overwhelming and it’s good to know we are on this journey together.

  5. Sue Mealiea

    I very much enjoyed hearing your conversation. I am inspired to look into keto. Half way through the “Unravel Your Year” workbook. It does help me focus my end of year/start of year reflections.


    Scrapbook Your Way is my favorite podcast! There were great nuggets of info in this episode. I enjoy exploring resources to find what works for me. Thank you Jennifer and Iris for sharing this episode!


    Great discussion! Inspired me to try Keto again for the new year.
    Thank you for all the great scrapbook advice. I always look forward to hearing your podcast.

  8. Cyndy Recker

    Great podcast! So much information. Will definitely have to listen again and take notes. I loved all the food discussion.

  9. Nfoz

    Enjoyed this episode! Yesterday was a planning day for me so it fit right in. I follow Lisa Woodruff of organize 365, and she often talks about looking at all your responsibilities and breaking them down in 4 categories: do, delete, delegate (including paid help) and defer aka known as planned neglect -or Iris Fox’s term: plan to fail 🙂 This allows you to focus on what’s most important at this time. I’m definitely working on being more intentional with my time (and my money) in the new year. Thanks for a fun and informative podcast!

  10. Linda Davis

    I am trying to get back into the scrapbooking world and your podcasts are very informative and inspirational. This one is causing me to think about and plan for making different choices.

  11. Angie

    Hey, I listened all the way to the end!😄 Jennifer, congratulations on being “the slowest loser”. Way to go!


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