New Class: The Trello Habit

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Do you wish there was a way to keep track of your scrapbooking ideas… and then rearrange them as time passes or your interests shift? Trello does what paper can’t.

It’s a tool for corralling every project to finish, story to tell, and goal to achieve. You can set due dates and mark off task checklists, but also make changes with no scratch-offs or starting over.

Trello is perpetual planner that grows with you… and it’s free.

That’s why I created The Trello Habit, a new class inside of the My Simple Scrapper community.  In nine lessons across three modules, you will build your own “creative hub” in Trello and learn:

  • why Trello is the perfect tool for scrapbookers,
  • the fastest and easiest way to get started,
  • where Trello fits in your planning approach,
  • how to capture your best creative ideas, and
  • when to use one of our Trello templates!

Simple Scrapper classes are all designed to support you taking intentional action, one small step at a time. Here’s a peek at the nine lessons:

If you’re not yet convinced that The Trello Habit is what you need right now, here’s the welcome video I made for our students:

The Trello Habit is exclusively available to Simple Scrapper members. If you love it, you can stick with the quarterly rate or convert to a discounted annual plan. If it’s not a good fit, you can cancel with no hassle or penalty.

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