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Stacy Julian has recommitted to telling stories one by one this year. And with Story52 and the StoryDeck™, she’s created a fun new way to find a scrapbooking starting point. I’m thrilled to have Stacy join me for our 100th episode of Scrapbook Your Way. Back in 2013 (!) we taught The Art + Science of Scrapbooking and I loved catching up on her journey in life and business. In our discussion Stacy shares what’s inspiring her right now, how she innovates while remaining authentic, and the big why behind this new endeavor.

Stacy Julian 0:00

So that's super critical. And I think that translates into my memory keeping in that I need some structure to be free within to be playful inside of. And so I really have gravitated to that from the very beginning and I just have certain ways of doing things.

Jennifer Wilson 0:17

Welcome to Scrapbook Your Way, the show that explores the breadth of ways to be a memory keeper today. I'm your host, Jennifer Wilson, owner of Simple Scrapper and author of The New Rules of Scrapbooking. This is Episode 100. In this episode, I'm joined by Stacy Julian to explore her journey as a teacher in our industry, how she nurtures new ideas into big ones, and the timely and important mantra behind her brand new class Story52. Hey, Stacy, welcome to the podcast.

Stacy Julian 0:53

Jennifer, it's so fun to be here. Thank you for inviting me.

Jennifer Wilson 0:57

Yes, I am looking forward to our conversation. I know it will be delightful as always. Could you share a little bit about yourself for those who may not know anything about you?

Stacy Julian 1:07

Oh, I'm a grandma. I've been around for quite a while. Although when I listen to a podcast and listen to guests I hear a lot of your guests have been scrapbooking a long time but I started scrapbooking in the mid 90s. And I have just been lucky to do a lot of different things in the industry. And I just love being the scrapbooker and you probably want to know more about I live in Spokane, Washington, which is not near Seattle. Everybody asked like Oh, so are you close to Seattle? I'm on the other side of the state.

Jennifer Wilson 1:43

No, you're next Idaho.

Stacy Julian 1:45

Next exit is Idaho. My daughter goes to school in Idaho. I have five children, four of which are currently adulting in some form or another so they are out of the nest. And then I have a beautiful daughter who we adopted from Korea. And she is 13.

Jennifer Wilson 2:03

I can't believe you only have one at home now.

Stacy Julian 2:07

It's so fun.

Jennifer Wilson 2:09

What a transition.

Stacy Julian 2:10

It's crazy. I feel bad for her. But then she looked at us and goes really just you two again. That's it? It's awesome. It's awesome.

Jennifer Wilson 2:21

Well I am trying to get myself to Spokane, but mostly because Idaho is the only state I've never been to. And I was supposed to go to a conference this coming summer and it's already been moved to virtual and I'm like, Oh, rats, I can't.

Stacy Julian 2:36

Really Okay, well, when you come you have to come? Well, you don't have to stay at my house. But you should come see me. And I would certainly extend the invitation because now I have a lot of empty rooms and it turns into guest rooms.

Jennifer Wilson 2:46

Oh, I bet. Yeah.

Stacy Julian 2:47

I don't know what part of Idaho you're going to. But anyway, you are welcome to come.

Jennifer Wilson 2:52

I just want to step across the state line. So that I can say I've been to Idaho. So, I was in northwest Montana. And I didn't go I was like five miles away. And I'm like, oh, we'll do it another time.

Stacy Julian 3:06

Oh, definitely. Okay, well make me a part of that. But mark off your you know, when you take that off your list?

Jennifer Wilson 3:10

I will. Thank you.

Stacy Julian 3:12

Yeah, of course.

Jennifer Wilson 3:13

So Stacy, what's exciting you right now in memory keeping? We ask this of all of our guests, and I love hearing what comes out. It can be a product, an app, a class, a person an idea, anything at all.

Stacy Julian 3:24

I know. And it's so crazy because I listen, and I'm like, I'm super not cool. Like, I don't know, it's exciting to me. So I decided I took a deep breath. I'm like, Yes, you do. You know, it's exciting you. So here's what I do, because I really do kind of feel out of the loop. And I could certainly fix that if I wanted to. Um, but what I do is I go to and I click on what's new in terms of product, right? And I scroll through and I go Oh, that's a new company, or Oh, I don't know that. So I do and and I'm doing some preparation. I'm sure we'll talk about it for just ramping up my own page making storytelling. So I'm like, I gotta get some product because I'm a big stash person. I just use what I have. And it just sort of never bothers me because I still have so much. But anyway, getting to the point. I and you're gonna be like Stacy, how do you not know this? But Elizabeth Crafts know about Elizabeth? I can't say that Elizabeth Crafts.

Jennifer Wilson 4:22

No, I don't.

Stacy Julian 4:24

Oh, seriously, I have something new. So they're out of Colorado and OK, they have some really cool papers and I what I think is that maybe they're new to the paper making side of things. But I just purchased two things that they have this really cool Reminiscence collection, which is it's backgrounds that I would use that but they're they're kind of messy, ephemeral, mixed media ish looking. But they're colorful and they've got some that are really colorful, which I think is fun. So I totally put that paper pack in my cart. And then they have this really weird thing. This is kind of outside my comfort zone, but they have something called Mystical Winter. And I don't even know how to describe it. I mean, it's digital ish looking layered looking. But it has like kind of this photography base. So I take so many pictures outside. And in Spokane, I love going out on a super cold morning when you know how the frost is on every single twig of every single branch. Anyway, I have a lot of cool winter pictures. And so this is paper that I want to use on that.

Jennifer Wilson 5:32

That sounds cool.

Stacy Julian 5:33

So Elizabeth Crafts, that's my first one. Yeah, because I just I never feel like when I listen to your guests, I'm like, I'm super not in the know, ever for products. But here's another one. Because here's what I am, I am an Apple girl, I love Apple, meaning not the fruit of the company. And not long ago, I was like, I wish I could go to the Apple store because I go routinely, you know, like, once or twice a year just like take a class or sit in on a class or, you know, come up with some reason to go talk to the genius, geniuses, but I looked up my local store, and they have Apple Today or they had pre pandemic, they had Apple Today classes. Well, I found some really cool videos called Apple Today at Home. And I mean, there's not a lot of them. But they're really they're really well done. You know, and there was like one just on taking better pictures with your iPhone. And so I just thought it was cool. There's there's just stuff there that I didn't realize, you know, that I could be taken advantage of. So that's my other pick.

Jennifer Wilson 6:36

I think that thing we don't always talk about is that every every major company out there, they're producing content, just like we are producing content to be really useful. And I think sometimes that those things are underutilized. And maybe we're not even getting the most out of our all of our various gadgets in our home. Because we don't realize there is this wealth of information.

Stacy Julian 6:59

Yes, yes. And they definitely go to Google or just YouTube first, but I never thought you know, when I tried it, you know how Apple kind of locked down? I mean, in a sense, like I couldn't see video was on YouTube. So I think you kind of have to go find it, you know, on the on the retail, you know, page.

Jennifer Wilson 7:16

Yeah, they like to keep stuff really close to the vest, don't they?

Stacy Julian 7:18

Yes, yes, they do. So anyway, but it was super well done. And you know, just like this funny host guy talking about how to use portrait mode. And I thought it was really it was just it was made me laugh. And I thought that's what I'm going to shoot, I'm going to share that.

Jennifer Wilson 7:30

Nice. We'll include links to both of those items in the show notes for this episode, which will be able to be found at Because this is our 100th episode that we're recording today.

Stacy Julian 7:46

Oh. What?

Jennifer Wilson 7:48

So that's kind of what's exciting me right now. I'm honored to have you on and, you know, it's I never thought when I started podcasting, I'd make it to 100 episodes, but it's it's cool.

Stacy Julian 7:58

I know. Right? And do you ever have the thought, because I also have a podcast, you have the thought, How long am I going to do this?

Jennifer Wilson 8:04

I know, I know. Yeah.

Stacy Julian 8:06

I'm having that thought routinely, like, Okay, I'm still doing it. Like I still like it. But am I gonna do it another year? And you know, it's when you hit those big numbers. You're like, Okay, wow, am I anyway? Yeah, congratulations. That's huge.

Jennifer Wilson 8:20

Thank you!

Stacy Julian 8:20

From me, I'm telling you it most sincerely. That's huge. Because I have an idea of what it takes.

Jennifer Wilson 8:27

Well, yeah, that means like, that's like, that's two years, you know, weekly. So that's a big commitment of life to do anything for two years. I don't think I've stuck in other habits for two years. So...

Stacy Julian 8:38

Wait...for sure me.. not. Yes, yes. Well, congratulations. Well, I kind of feel special.

Jennifer Wilson 8:44


Jennifer Wilson 8:45

All right. Let's talk about stories. Of course, this is going to be a theme of this, this episode, because anytime we talk about Stacy, we talk about stories. But one thing we do here is to talk about our storytelling Bucket List. So some of those bigger stories that feel important. It doesn't mean they're necessarily hard or sad. They can just be a story that's really meaningful that you've not yet told and you want to make sure it gets captured. So Stacy, what is one story on your Bucket List?

Stacy Julian 9:15

Oh my gosh, I have so many stories on my Bucket List. Um, so I have one in particular, I want to finish or wrap up and that is a layered, I like to call it an extended story. So it's a base 12 by 12 page, and then it's got a couple different sizes page protector stacked on top and I've kind of been working on it. But it's just it's just a COVID-19 story. And I made a little six bysix not six by six little four by four project using one of my kids way back in May. And I'm so good idea right because you kind of don't get to tell you don't get to. There's so many stories in my life that I wait a long time to tell and I'm okay with that. And I love that advantage of perspective. But I'm so glad I told the beginnings of the COVID experience because it's changed so much, you know, over the months. And when I, when I made this first little project, I approached it with just kind of this like, novel enthusiasm, like, this is kind of fun, you know, we're always locked down, we get to wear masks, and then I'm like, you know, then those feelings shifted for me. Anyway. So my plan is to put that little four by four book in a six by six protector, and that will be the first protector on this layered, you know, story. And so I have just lots of pockets and pages to fill in. And then I've got the the newspaper that came home that Geoff brought home, back in March that, you know, the headline is, What is COVID-19? You know, and how serious is it. So I've got just some cool things that I want to pull together and wrap that up for me for, for my library. And then I think if I can add one more, just, um, you know, I've been so focused on Addie, because I take the most pictures of her, that's my daughter. And, um, and then all of a sudden, I have this granddaughter, and I have this married child and I have a daughter in law, and I just kind of realized recently, they really haven't done much like, I haven't scrapbook their wedding, you know. And so I have more stories that I want to start telling kind of about this next generation of my immediate family. So looking forward to that as well.

Jennifer Wilson 11:26

What I love how you're one of your strengths is putting stories into context and finding those threads woven between them. And just it's not just about your daughter in law is Lauren, right. It's not just about she's this addition to your family. It's about this is the next generation and what might come come next and all of that connection of that.

Stacy Julian 11:48

Yeah, yes. I think I am far enough out to that I can I just it's so fun to it's so fun. So anyway, yes, those are the kind of the stories that I want to start telling more of.

Jennifer Wilson 11:59

That's terrific. Okay, so this next segment is something we started new this year. And we often talk about personality here, we actually talk about Gretchen Rubin a lot and her four tendencies. But I want to talk to our guests about Myers-Briggs and Enneagram. Because I think there's so much we can learn about how we operate as memory keepers, how we operate in the world, kind of next to our memory keeping and what we can learn from that about ourselves. So do you know your Myers-Briggs type or your Enneagram type?

Stacy Julian 12:30

Yes, yes, I am a huge fan, not that I'm, you know, super good at talking about them. But so Myers-Briggs, that's something we use. So I mean, I years ago at the magazine, you know, in our team, we did so many team building experiences based around Myers-Briggs. So I am an ENFP which is extroverted intuitive, feeling, and shoot, what's the P?

Jennifer Wilson 12:53


Stacy Julian 12:54

Perceiving! Thank you. Type. And do you want me to say something about that?

Jennifer Wilson 13:02

Whenever you have...

Stacy Julian 13:04

Well, so so, extraversion introversion? I definitely need or I get my energy in the outer world, right. So I need to be with other people. I need to be outside in nature, I need to walk the aisles of Target. I need to experience new and novel just things you know, I mean, to feel energized and to feel inspired. That's my extroverted part. I'm not crazy extroverted, which I think surprises a lot of people. I drained pretty quickly. So because they give you kind of a spectrum and I literally just over the midline on the extroverted spectrum, extroverted introverted. Um, my strongest trait, way, way over almost as far as you can get is intuitive. So I'm kind of a big picture person, it's really hard for me not to see the pattern in something or to make a pattern out of it mean, in other words, create create meaning. I think I exhausted my children sometimes, like, why do you think that means? And they're like, Nah, nothing, just means this, you know? So. So I'm a big meaning seeker. And then I'm definitely a feeler and I really need to have the peace speaks to my need to keep my options open. And that drives a couple of my kids crazy. I have some really great stories actually, to tell around that where I have some children who need to know, when is it going to happen? And what is it going to look like? And that's one of the hardest things for me to provide them as a mother.

Jennifer Wilson 14:36

And I need that door to be closed. I need the option to be decided upon.

Stacy Julian 14:42

Yeah, so yeah. And I'm like, Yeah, but we don't have to do it that way. Right? You know, that's kind of what I say to my husband. So like, he plants amazing vacations, and he wants to talk to me for months ahead of time about this or that or this or that. And it's just about it's so draining for me. And so I just listen and I just try really hard not to, you know, tell him like just do whatever, you know. But so over the years, we've gotten good. Now he knows he can run things by me, I don't care. I trust him to make all the decisions. But when we get there he knows to build in time for me to be spontaneous and say, let's go. Go here and do this or see that. So anyway...

Jennifer Wilson 15:18

I'm curious how you're, any of this, but in particular, your slight extraversion, has felt during the pandemic, like have you felt a little claustrophobic? Like I need to go and do something and see people and...

Stacy Julian 15:32

Oh my gosh, yes, I need to get out and do something and see people that's you said it. And, and I live with my sweet husband, who is the exact opposite of me on the Myers-Briggs. And so that means that we make the best team ever. But one on one, you know, sometimes it's, you know, I'm sure I speak for him, I'm sure he's just like, oh, he was so exhausting. So draining to me. Yeah, so it's been challenging for sure. But at the same time, I, I actually have liked how it has, you know, played to those weaknesses and given me an opportunity to, to be more intentional, you know, in some of my areas of discomfort. So...

Jennifer Wilson 16:14

I love the silver lining spin there.

Stacy Julian 16:17

Yeah, yes.

Jennifer Wilson 16:18

Okay. So what about enneagram? You mentioned before we started recording that you just took the test before recording to discover some there.

Stacy Julian 16:25

I did. I did it for you. Because I've heard so many different people. I mean, who's Jonathan, who does the Good Stuff podcast or the Good Life podcast, he talks about all the time, he has his own personality tests that I've actually taken anyway. So I did it this morning, I'm a seven. I'm a pretty strong seven, the easiest. Yes. And then I can't, I honestly can't remember, I actually have it, I think I saved the little picture on my desktop. But I love the graphic shows because it was super colorful. So I'm a seven, and then my next number is at nine, and then I'm at three. Okay, and I don't honestly know a whole lot about what that means, although I did pay the $19 and print the report. So I'm excited to learn about it. And it's because of you, thank you, thank you for being my reason to just make it happen. But I love these kinds of like, I just love, you know, these tests and learning more about kind of your tendencies and preferences.

Jennifer Wilson 17:22

Well, I think so many literally so many of the memes there are today about Enneagram, even Myers-Briggs, I think it can be it's almost more helpful to see yourself in these examples, rather than kind of more abstract descriptions of, Oh, well, I kind of resonate with that, or I kind of resonate with that. But when they give concrete examples of you know, how Enneagram sevens deal with stress or deal with like cheese, I mean, random things sometimes. But it's really helpful to be able to say, Okay, well, yeah, I lean more towards that. And just to really gain that knowledge about yourself from it.

Stacy Julian 18:00

Yes, yes. I remember years ago, in a team meeting, when we were doing Myers-Briggs, see, my friend, Kathy, who who does it, you know, gave us all an example, like you're talking about, and mine was someone who like in the kitchen, and I just started cracking up out, like, because it's so me, I literally cannot follow a recipe, meaning without tweaking it in some way. Even if I have all the ingredients. I'm like, Yeah, but this might be better. Or, you know, I think I'll double it, but I won't double this. I mean, it's just weird, like, what just do what it tells you to do. And I have a really hard time, you know, sticking to the recipe.

Jennifer Wilson 18:35

Well, you want to keep your options open.

Stacy Julian 18:36

So I keep my options open.

Jennifer Wilson 18:40

Anyone here, think about the seven that says as a leader, you bring energy, charismatic, fun ideas, and you're everyone's BFF?

Stacy Julian 18:49

Oh, well, that sounds good. Sure, sign me up.

Jennifer Wilson 18:56

I'm curious how I mean, your, your long term exploration of personality. And even maybe these insights this morning, like, what does that say to you as? Kind of how has that informed your approach to memory keeping?

Stacy Julian 19:11

Oh, that's such a good question. Um, so I need Well, first of all, just let me just say, you know, in teams, because I've worked with teams, I need a really, really good managing editor. Because, like, vision all day long, and talk about the ideas and the possibilities. And right now, like in just in my little the way, I'm working now in the industry, I have, I have a virtual assistant, who just asks the right questions right at the right time, you know, to kind of pin me down and help me make that decision that I need to make. So that's super critical. And I think that translates into my memory keeping in that I need some structure to be free within to be playful inside of and so I really have gravitated to that from the very beginning and I just have certain ways of doing things. And that yeah, that I, it's kind of weird. It's kind of super routine, but then it's pretty spontaneous and playful within that, within those rails, if you will.

Jennifer Wilson 20:11

Oh, for sure. Well, I think having having some sort of structure really helps you stay on track. And if you're easily distracted or easily over committed, and so you always know what it is you need to do. And then you have that little box that you get to operate. And even if you're bumping up against the walls, you get to really express what you can within that constraint.

Stacy Julian 20:32

And then I've thought about it since almost since this morning. And this is kind of a new thought for me, which is I'm like, I really like to teach. And to I don't know, if I call it lead, but you know, to create kind of a community around something. And when I feel accountable to somebody else, I follow through way better. So I don't know what part of my personality is that but I was thinking, how did because you just said you said How does your personality and you know, sort of inform your hobby. And I'm like, Oh, my gosh, if I am not doing something that created some kind of content for someone else, I get way less than...

Jennifer Wilson 21:11

Oh, for sure. Well, maybe maybe the segment needs to include the four tendencies because it sounds like you're an obliger maybe a little bit of a questioner.

Stacy Julian 21:20

100% obliger. There's very little questioning, actually, which is kind of weird, because you know, you think, yeah, anyway.

Jennifer Wilson 21:28

Okay, let's let's transition here.

Stacy Julian 21:30

Yeah. Okay.

Jennifer Wilson 21:31

So I wanted to have you on the show for a very specific reason, I saw this thing my friend shared it with me, she's been one of your students for such a long time. And my jaw dropped. And I'm like, okay, we should all just go home because Stacy has figured it all out. But first let's, let's pause and and let's catch everyone up with you over the past few years. I'm curious what it was like to sell a business and then kind of redefine your work life.

Stacy Julian 21:59

Well, okay, let's... even you asking me that question my feeler comes right to the surface. Um, so I, when I read that question you gave me I remembered sitting on the end of my bed sobbing, and saying to my husband, I'm gonna cry thinking about, but I didn't know that I could cry this hard for something not like outside of my family, you know what I mean? So I did not anticipate the pain and it was so painful. It was like somebody dying to sell my company. And the thing is, and I think this probably does have something to do with my personality. I didn't think about that until it was done. Like I didn't I not good, I'm just super future focused, and all these things that are going to be good about this transition and good for the company itself and good for the future, you know, blah, blah, blah. And then it happened. So I don't mourn until the mourning hits me. Think about what it's going to be like, so it was super, super, super hard. And then I just kind of went into my little cocoon for probably a year. And, and I've always had an interest in family history. So I thought, well, I'm just gonna just kind of retreat and you know, take this love of stories and creating and explore family history and just do some of my personal you know, history type stuff. I did that for a little while. Is that kind of what you're asking? And then, and then it was probably, well, 2017, I think I have just been really reflective one day. And I just started thinking of all these concepts that I love that I've taught in various ways and forms over the years always with someone else's product. Like photos I love or, you know, our or just this idea of I used to call it finish line scrapbooking. And then I called it fun and done. And just like like that, look there specific concepts and specific ways of teaching people you know, that helps them get things done. Anyway. And that was so weird. I'm like, I'm gonna reach out to Close To My Heart because they've just been in I've worked with him over the years, I presented at their events multiple times. So I'm like, I'm just going to be super gutsy and reach out and just say maybe I'm not done in the industry. Like maybe I want to create some products. Have you guys ever partnered with anybody? And I came home and opened my email, and I had an email from them. And they were asking me to speak after five years, they were asking me to speak at their upcoming convention because they were celebrating memories of the past or I can't remember. And I was like, That's gotta be aside from the universe though. So anyway, for sure. I have a line of product called Story by Stacy with Close To My Heart. And that's, again, they've just allowed me to design I'm not the designer clearly, but I get to, you know, direct the designers in creating a line of really fun, kind of solution based product kits. So that's been super fun. And then in 2019, I just thought Maybe I'm not teaching. But, and I and I had actually because of Close To My Heart was invited to then do a couple events. So I was looking forward to some events in 2020. But I thought, what if I did, and it really was, it was early, early in 2019. I just thought 2020 that's a big year, right? Like, and I'm I love like,

Jennifer Wilson 25:20

That's what we all thought,

Stacy Julian 25:22

Right? But I taught this class back in 2012, I like to play with numbers, you know, I'm just like, I want to do something with the numbers, you know, with the number 12. And so kind of 20 was coming up again. And like, what if I did 20 projects in 20? You know, and it took a lot of, I mean, I think the idea, I'm going to talk about ideas in a minute, but it really sat with me and poked me for a long time. And then I finally, like, figured out how to use my website, you know, and just, I had a lot of learning to do. And I just decided to launch for the first time in a whole lot of years, you know, online teaching again, on my on my own.

Jennifer Wilson 25:54

I didn't write this question down for you. But did it feel different this time? Do you feel like, were you more confident? Because you've had all this experience? And you could kind of take all that and make it even better? Or were there like, were there nerves in it to say, to kind of put yourself out there again, in a different way that you hadn't been in a number of years?

Stacy Julian 26:13

Yes, so many nerves, so many nerves. But then I would fall back on a sense of like, I can do this. I know I can do it. Right. But yeah, there was a lot of there was a lot of mental hygiene that had to go on. So for me to, I had to do some thought work for sure. And especially when it comes to promoting because I never have ever liked that even back in the magazine days, you know, when what was promoting advertisements, you know, anyway, yeah. But anyway, yeah, no, it was hard. And but but it's been so much fun for me. And I think what I forgot, like, I was super focused on the, like, Am I too old? Or am I out of it? Or, you know, Will people still want to take classes from me like, kind of those questions, you know, but then when I got once I just got started. I was like, I like the I just like the people, I really like teaching, you know, women making friends. So...

Jennifer Wilson 27:09

Scrapbookers are just some of the most amazing people.

Stacy Julian 27:12

I think it's true. I just taught this awesome class in 2020, called 20 in 20. Where, yeah, me and a few 100 of my friends tried to make projects all year, and it turned out to just be a really cool, it was exactly what we needed. Because of course, we didn't know you know, that we were going to life was going to cease to exist as we understood it. Sure. So...

Jennifer Wilson 27:35

What I've sensed in this in the context of observing your your evolution, your your cocoon, and everything that followed from that, that you have been very intentional about finding balance between work and family in this iteration of business. And I'm curious what advice you might have for some of those who maybe are still trying to achieve that. And I'm kind of, you know, asking for a friend here, because sometimes I definitely don't. Don't feel like I have that.

Stacy Julian 28:03

Yeah, well, I mean, I think I would hate for someone to think that I've got it figured out because I certainly don't. But there is a wisdom that just develops over time. And I think I get better at recognizing what I really want to spend my time doing. And and then what I don't want to worry about or what I don't want to feel like I have to be good at, you know what I mean? Like, like kind of an awareness of what's going on in the industry. I think that was that I shouldered that for so long at the magazine. And you know, and now I've just kind of like sitting in my little office in Spokane doing what I like, you know, I have no idea if it's cool, I have no idea. If it's trendy, I have no idea. You know, I so kind of give myself permission to let go a lot of have a lot of what used to feel maybe heavy or at least expected. And then I don't I'm super not good at managing people. I love people. But that's draining for me. And sitting in meetings is draining for me. So I think the most liberating thing has been me, because for years, I would be so excited I burst into a meeting So you guys, this, we got to do this. I just sense that I know it, you know, and that's my intuition blowing up, right? And then for the next three hours, I have to defend it and I have to explain it and they have to you know, we have to put it in all these different scenarios and, and that's just exhausting for me. So now, for the last year, I'm just like, I'm gonna do this. And nobody says anything. Nobody says that's a bad idea, Stacy, or what have you thought about this? I thought about this because I haven't and I just do it.

Jennifer Wilson 29:39

Well, and you've been able to lean on the self knowledge of your personality of your strengths of your weaknesses, and really shape your work life around that so that you're not butting up against as many walls and feeling frustration.

Stacy Julian 29:54

Yeah. So that's, I mean, that's amazing. Yeah. And then and the balance thing is my family has shifted And I am a little bit older. And so I do I do have just I have a more settled feeling. I guess I want to say this to other women that are my age ish. And I think I'm still the oldest. But you know, but I hope we don't walk away from this, because I felt like that's what I did. I thought I was just going to kind of go into retirement. And then I just realized, no, we, you know, those of us that have been around a while, and I see it's happening. I mean, as far as I know, people are hanging in there. But, but this is if there's an industry on earth that welcomes age and insight and perspective and wisdom, it's this one, you know, and so I think I have just this sense of, yeah, like, I don't have to go after anything, necessarily, but I can be who I am and do what I love and continue to share it. So sort of the anxiousness is gone.

Jennifer Wilson 30:52

For sure. We talk a lot here about seasons of life. And I think having that perspective and that wisdom of folks in all different seasons of life, we can share, but but having those who've been there is so valuable to say, you know, it may feel like stressful and tight right now, but it does shift and change over time. And you'll have more freedom and more of that settled feeling and more confidence as as you get older and have had the experiences to lean on.

Stacy Julian 31:23


Jennifer Wilson 31:25

So in one of our first conversations, and we've hinted here about ideas, we talked about, we talked about always having way more ideas than time. And so how do you grow an idea into something more? How do you just take this thing that's like, Oh, we have to do this, and then actually turn that into something you can act on and that people would get excited?

Stacy Julian 31:45

Oh... well, if it's okay I want to reference a quote that I love because the first time I read it, I was like, Oh, my gosh, so it's, it's Elizabeth Gilbert, and it's in the Big Magic book. Um, it's a little bit long, but i'm gonna i'm not gonna read all of it. But this this, for me describes. Okay, anyway, she just talks about ideas are this embodied, energetic life forms, they're completely separate from us, but capable of interacting with us, albeit strangely, ideas have no material body, but they do have a consciousness, and they most certainly have will. Ideas are driven by a single impulse to be made manifest. And the only way an idea can be made manifest in our world, is through collaboration with a human partner. That's so cool. It is only through a human's efforts that an idea can be escorted out of the ether and into the realm of the actual therefore ideas spend eternity, swirling around us, searching for available and willing human partners. And then I skipped a big chunk. But it says the idea will organize coincidences, this is where it's important for me organized coincidences and portents, to tumble across your path to keep your interest keen, you will start to notice all sorts, all sorts of signs pointing you towards the idea. Everything you see and touch and do will remind you of the idea. The idea will wake you up in the middle of the night and distract you from your everyday routine, the idea will not leave you alone until it has your fullest attention. And then in a quiet moment, it will ask, do you want to work with me? I think that's so cool. And for me, that is exactly how. So I there are so many ideas swirling all the time. But the most persistent ones, right. And as soon as an idea starts to organize, like she said, coincidences, and I start to see it in different places. Then I go, Oh, wait a second. Pay attention. Stacy, slow down, you know. And then at that point, I usually open up the Notes app on my phone, and I type the idea. And then I just like type random thoughts. And and then I just start building like maybe an outline. I don't know what to call it, you know, but I start highlighting. Yeah, kind of Oh, yeah. Kind of organizing it and seeing Yeah, so. So that's it. That's it for me. It's but I just I can feel it's an energy. I think that's what I like about the way she talks about it. There's an energy that just sort of builds till the point that it doesn't matter if I'm doing laundry or driving or doing dishes or Addie's talking to me and then she's like, Mom you're not listening. And like, Oh, yeah, you're right. It's good. It's good. That idea is providing is Yeah, is percolating, so you know, when it when it gets to that level, then I know I have to do something with it. And then I just start to organize it without expecting a lot of it. I don't expect a lot of it in the beginning. I just let it get organized first.

Jennifer Wilson 34:48

I think sometimes that's where I've I fail is that I expect a lot of the idea and then I've had to learn to to pause on it and and find out some ideas that sound amazing at the beginning and realized, Oh, well, that's totally impractical or, you know, yeah. What if we need to do this at 10% of scale of your initial idea in order to make it feasible? Right. Whereas I used to be more or less act on the idea and announced it to the whole world. This is the idea. This is what we're going to do.

Stacy Julian 35:19

Yeah, that's a bit. Yeah, I don't announce it for a long time. It really does sit with me for a long time before. Yeah, I think sometimes maybe it feels super spontaneous. But most of them are not, they've been percolating a while

Jennifer Wilson 35:31

Well and I love this in the quote about the signs that you'll notice. And I think in terms of memory keeping ideas as as instructors, teachers, content creators, it's when we have this kind of abstract idea that might be related to like, format, or product or, or function or something, when we connect can connect that to an actual story. That's what makes it really real for us. And to say, Oh, this is this is valuable. This sounds fun. I can take this, you know, weird collection of supplies and organization, and then actually attach that to a story that I want to tell. Yes, yeah. So this year, it is now 2021, when this episode will go live, you are teaching an updated version of your Photo Freedom class. And you've also launched this brand new year long class, Story52. So before we gush about why this is so amazing, and why I wanted to drop the mic and just walk off, or what, I felt like you dropped to the mic. I want to hear your words, what makes this class different and special?

Stacy Julian 36:39

Hmm. Well, you ask that question, then like, gosh, I don't know. It's just an idea. Right? That just wouldn't leave me alone. But you're forcing me to maybe. Yeah, to express it. I mean, I think it's inviting. And I think it's inclusive. And, and I just, I think it's super fun. So it's, it's not an it's not a class about telling anybody how to scrapbook or telling them products to use, or even giving them really much of a, an end goal. It's, it's just a little bit of a framework that I think, is pretty dang universal, for people who like to tell stories.

Jennifer Wilson 37:19

Okay, and what is the core of this framework

Stacy Julian 37:23

And so it's a set of cards. And it's, I call it a StoryDeck. And there's 25 cards, and there are four kinds of cards. And it's like a game. So I, and the idea was honestly, just for me, you know, and then in the beginning, like, I just need, I really have been, I think, 'cause I spent the whole last year really focused on standalone projects, I started to miss just sitting down, like you just talked about, you know, organizing all of the bits and pieces into a page. I started to miss page making, and I'm kind of as How do you say it? fits and starts kind of person, like, you know, like, I'm totally okay, setting some aspect of my storytelling aside for months, and maybe years, and then picking it back up. And you know, and that's my structure kind of allows me to do that. But I've been missing just page making. Anyway, so I just thought maybe I could, you know, maybe I can teach a class. And honestly, I like I totally love Photo Freedom. I think it's a killer class. It's not super fun for me to teach. Because it's a lot, you know, I mean, it's it's a lot of questions and helping people find answers, and...

Jennifer Wilson 38:35

Especially when it comes to the tech part of it, because it's always natural, even if you have a structure, it always leads to the tech, and everyone's tech is so different. So I can I can see that for sure.

Stacy Julian 38:45

Yeah. And so I love I mean, I love you know, when people it starts to come together, and there's some results, and few people start to feel that liberating, you know, but but I mean, it's hard, and it's heavy. And it's anyway, so I just thought I need something to go alongside Photo Freedom, you know, that will keep me up and happy and doing this thing, because I don't want to wait till after I'm done teaching Photo Freedom to, you know, to anyway, so that was kind of the it's always selfishly motivated with me. I'll just say that out loud. I'm like, What do I need?, you know, and then I try to create something fun. And then, and then sometimes I share it. So anyway, so it's a deck of cards. And I'm just going to deal myself a hand some of the deal myself four cards, one in each of the categories. And the first category of cards is actually Category. So it's kind of a general bucket of maybe subjects or topics for pages, right. And then the next category is called Start Here. Like once you know it's going to be a story about people, maybe people you love, you know, then where are you going to start? Well, you could start with, you know, design, you could start with words, you could start with a sketch, you know, and then the next category or the next bucket. The next type of card is Say it With like, how are you going to approach the actual words on your page. And then the last category is Go Wild like Are you going to make this fun and playful? So I figure, you know, if I do myself a fort for these four cards, it's not telling me what to do. But it's kind of telling me how to approach it. And I just think it's gonna be fun. So it's just, it's weekly. It's just a, it's a, it's once a week. And you know, it's a blog style classroom at And so you're just basically going to get an email that says, look, here's the hand that Stacy played, you know, here's her page. And now you get to either you can be inspired by ther pages are so great, you know. So it's more about give yourself a hand and see what you get. And then it's what's more about creating a community kind of around this, this game, you know, and then just sharing the results. So...

Jennifer Wilson 40:49

Well, I was just, I was blown away at this idea. And I couldn't think of anything that would really just was more you. It's just so colorful, and simple and clever. And I was like, of course, like this is this is. This is, of course, is this what Stacy was going to do next?

Stacy Julian 41:03

Oh, thank you. Thank you.

Jennifer Wilson 41:06

And I guess kind of extending on this, though we there's, it's not like there's a lack of ways to tell stories where there's no lack of inspiration out there. Why do you think having this kind of rails is so needed, particularly maybe in this in this day and age?

Stacy Julian 41:24

Well, because of the. And there's everything, we have every option all the time all day long. 24 seven, you know, but I think specifically, I think it's an antidote. I mean, we've just lived through a very heavy year, and we just need to have more fun. And we're tired I am I'm tired of overthinking about everything, you know, just life and what's next, and politics and, you know, issues in my country and all of these things. And so I just feel like Story52 is it's kind of just going to be a chance to connect around creativity. And, and it was funny, I was making, you know, I had I wanted to get I was kind of working on launching this class. And then, and I kind of had a deadline for myself, which I'm really good at pushing deadlines. But then and I'm sure you remember, but our community came together in a really cool way around Elizabeth Kartchner, and then you know, when her husband passed, and so I just heard about this opportunity to do this auction. And I just thought I just I want to include Story52, I want to give away some seats in this class when I give them away, but auction them off, you know. And so I had to really quickly get get my class description up and get a little video on my website. And so I literally had 15 minutes before my daughter was gonna walk in the door, and I'm like, I am going to do a one take wonder, I'm going to stand in front of my computer, and I'm going to record whatever comes out of my mouth. And I don't want it to be longer than a minute. And I think it ended up being a minute, 14 seconds or something. So I was talking fast, you know, and, and it was so funny, the very end and like, it was not even written, it was so funny, you know, it just came out. And it's like, well, that was pretty dang good. And I was like done. But the very last thing I said was, this is your ticket to more fun in 21. That was not something I had ever thought about this class. But that came out of my mouth. And I was like, Oh my gosh, that's exactly what this is. We just survived 2020 you guys, we need more fun in 21!

Jennifer Wilson 43:20

For sure.

Stacy Julian 43:21

More fun in 21. Let's just take what we know we love to do, do it in our own unique way. That's what I love about you and your community and your podcast, do it your way. Just do it with some structure so that we can come together and say, Oh my gosh, what did you you know, what was your your hand that you dealt, what was yours and, and learn from each other. Just gives us a place to gather something together around if you will?

Jennifer Wilson 43:46

Well, I think this idea of playfulness in our hobby has always been important. It's of course, even more important now. And you're certainly someone I associate with that word of play. And when we taught Art and Science, we talked a lot about that you have always taken this approach to your hobby. I'm curious about other ways that you bring play into your memory keeping and your life. Maybe someone who just needs that extra little twist to there every day to see things from a new perspective.

Stacy Julian 44:20

Um, well, I think my first answer has to be color. It's just so visceral for me, um, but color is how I I mean, people walk into my house and they're like, whoa. And it's I don't even think it's that colorful. But I just think there's so much about life that's brown, and I don't want to pick on Costco, but like I go to Costco and I don't want Costco furniture. Okay. I mean, no offense to anyone who has bought furniture Costco because I have right. But they're trying to please the masses. They're trying to put something out there that 98% of their shoppers will be like yeah, that can work in my house. Right? For me, I just want, I just want it to be more unique than that. And so for I just in my life and in my memory keeping, that's what I try to be, I try to just be me. And it's more than not more often than not not going to be cool. It's not going to be trendy. And I just give myself permission to do it anyway. And I think that just feels playful. I don't know if that makes any sense.

Jennifer Wilson 45:26

No, that's lovely. I think that's a lesson that we all should marinate on ourselves for 2021 there's been a lot of, you know, we've all kind of had to follow the herd this year and do the same things. And where can you inject that little bit of extra spirit of authenticity, into into your year so that it feels so you finally feel more like you again?

Stacy Julian 45:52

Yes, I love that you said that so much better than I did. And then I have to just say one more thing that I do and, and and this comes from teaching and just interacting, you know, online with the community, but I just love people. I just love people. And I hate that we've been masked for an entire year. And I don't know when this episode goes live if we're still gonna have to be masked, I'm guessing probably yes, for a while in some places. But I just miss people smile so much. But I just decided to be the weird one. And there Elizabeth Gilbert has this other quote, and I should look it up and send it to you. But it's something about just be weird. Just decide to be the weird one. But so I needed to be at the post office first thing this morning cuz I had a bunch of stuff to mail. And I was so proud of myself that I got there at nine o'clock and opened and there were already eight women in the lobby waiting for the door to open. Right. Wow. And I just walked in and I was like, kudos to you guys. Like, I'm so impressed that you are at the post office on time. I know what that took way to go. And they just looked at me like, Huh. And then one of them said something like, yeah, you know, and then someone said something else, you know, and and it's not like we all had some great conversation after that. But I just want to be the icebreaker. I'm just super done not seeing people smile and not having conversations. So that's kind of what I want to do.

Jennifer Wilson 47:09

I feel like I've had to learn how to smile harder with my eyes. Yes, yes. My eyes. Can you tell?

Stacy Julian 47:18


Jennifer Wilson 47:19

So can you share where people can find Story52? Is there any kind of deadline for registration?

Stacy Julian 47:28

And there's not in fact, I'm gonna if you want to Jennifer and you can cut this out if you don't, but I'm going to send you a promo code for your listeners to use for Story52.

Jennifer Wilson 47:37

So generous, thank you.

Stacy Julian 47:38

Yeah, it'd be fun. So just And I don't have the most the easiest website to navigate. I mean, it's not hard. But you kind of have to look for courses at the top. And then you have to wait for the little drop down thing to open. But yeah, but it's called Story52. And you just sign up right there. And that's the classroom. It's a blog style password protected classroom, so it's easy to get to. And yeah, that's it easy.

Jennifer Wilson 48:04

We will include the direct link in the show notes for the episode too.

Stacy Julian 48:08

Thank you.

Jennifer Wilson 48:09

Any other anything else new or secret that you want to share?

Stacy Julian 48:14

Oh gosh, I don't think so.

Jennifer Wilson 48:15

Any other ideas percolating?

Stacy Julian 48:17

Oh, other ideas? Ah, well, I mean, no I'm good.

Jennifer Wilson 48:25

That's fair.

Stacy Julian 48:27

I'm good. I have a few things that are swirling but, but I got it. I got to see if I get through these to read out first and keep up with those with those deadlines. I understand. Yeah, I'm super excited. So thanks for having me on that. I just appreciate your friendship and the the camaraderie that I think I hope our industry is unique in that way. I don't know, I've not really been a part of another industry.

Jennifer Wilson 48:49

I think it is. I think there is a uniqueness there. Yeah, there's just, we all want to lift each other up. And we all want to, you know, kind of share our twist on how we can enjoy this hobby more and make it more joyful and easy. And, you know, whether you're we're talking about the Prima instructors who create the most intricate beautiful layouts that you have to put in like a four inch shadow box to to folks like Cathy who make beautifully simple pages and cards. You know, we're all we all just want to do our thing and inspire folks along the way.

Stacy Julian 49:23

Yes, yes, very well said.

Jennifer Wilson 49:26

Well, Stacy, thank you so much for your time and all that you have contributed to the industry. I'm so looking forward to having more fun in 21 with you. And to all of our listeners, please remember that you have permission to Scrapbook Your Way.

Jennifer Wilson 49:42

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    This was great! I am ready for fun in ‘21! Both of you are inspiring and thank you for this podcast.


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