SYW152 – More Prep with Jenna Fortner

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Warning: Plan to listen to this one twice!

Jenna Fortner returns to the podcast with an episode full of helpful tips and tricks for more efficient Project Life App scrapbooking.

We chat about strategies to prepare for a a new year, solutions that help you work on a project over time, and of course, a few Disney-specific ideas.

If you’ve been craving a simple and streamlined approach to memory keeping on the go, our conversation will help you jump in with confidence.

This episode was recorded in early November 2021. Later that month Jenna’s family experienced a house fire. Thankfully everyone was OK, but they will be displaced for much of 2022. Her biggest message to memory keepers is this:

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Jenna Fortner 0:00

The best feature of the app is the folders system. Anytime I start a new project, I create a folder. Anytime I start a new page, I immediately add it to the folder. I don't even look at that in progress section of the Project Life app. I don't even look at it. I go straight to my folders. And so I can see the whole project at a glance and see where I've left off.

Jennifer Wilson 0:24

Welcome to Scrapbook Your Way, the show that explores the breadth of ways to be a Memory Keeper today. I'm your host, Jennifer Wilson, owner of Simple Scrapper and author of The New Rules of Scrapbooking. This is episode 152. In this episode, I'm joined by Jenna Fortner to discuss how you can plan and prepare for your creative productivity. While we focus on the Project Life app, so much of Jenna's advice applies no matter how you scrapbook.

Jennifer Wilson 0:58

Hey, Jenna, welcome back to the podcast.

Jenna Fortner 1:00

Hello. Nice to be here. Thanks for having me back.

Jennifer Wilson 1:03

Yes, I am so excited for our conversation today. I think this is going to be really good. This is part of our More in 2022 series, we're exploring different topics and different ways that you can bring more of certain things that you're craving into your life. And this one is going to touch a bit on more preparation, more kind of advanced thinking, planning ahead to make our creative lives a little bit easier. But you've been on the podcast before, but maybe for those who haven't heard your previous episode, which was number 35. Could you share a little bit about yourself?

Jenna Fortner 1:39

Sure. I am in Fort Worth, Texas. And we have two adult ish kids, young adult kids. We have been married for coming up well, 26 years actually, we we had our anniversary in 2020, obviously didn't do anything. So we are going to Disneyland for our anniversary soon. And I am looking forward to that I'm a big Disney Parks fan. And I've been to Disney World 1000 times, but I've never been to Disneyland. So I kind of want to see where it started. And we're really looking forward to that. So that's it right now. We're, my husband's working from home and will be for the foreseeable future. So we're all just hanging out doing our thing.

Jennifer Wilson 2:23

So for being such a Disney person, I'm totally surprised here that you've never been to Disneyland.

Jenna Fortner 2:28

I know. I know. There's so many of our Disney World trips centered around his work and conferences and things like that. And we tagged along. You know, the first few when the kids were little they were family vacations, but most of the ones over the past 10 years have been work related. And so it's just so easy to tag along on a trip like that when half of its, you know, paid for by Scott.

Jennifer Wilson 2:54

Oh, sure.

Jenna Fortner 2:55

But we've never been to Disneyland and I am so excited to go.

Jennifer Wilson 3:01

I love it. And maybe it's because that's what I went to several times growing up, so I like it more. And part of it is because it's less overwhelming.

Jenna Fortner 3:13

Yes. I've heard that. And people have been preparing me like you You don't understand. That's a big difference. And I can't wait. I'm looking forward to that smaller quainter cozier vibe.

Jennifer Wilson 3:29

Yes, it definitely is. And then one thing that really stood out to me, was that Fantasy Land, that's like the princesses and stuff. Right?

Jenna Fortner 3:38


Jennifer Wilson 3:38

That is like, it's so much prettier at Disneyland because at Disney World at the Magic Kingdom, I felt like it was like these big boxes. I don't know, it just felt so boring and blocky. And I was like this is not magical the way I remember it.

Jenna Fortner 3:55

You mean kind of like building after building after building? You know, like Peter Pan, Small World. It's like building after building.

Jennifer Wilson 4:02


Jenna Fortner 4:02

In Disney World but Disney Land, it's a little bit nicer? Okay, I'm looking forward to that. I'll check it out.

Jennifer Wilson 4:08

Yeah, that was just one of the things that really stood out to me. So, okay, we could probably obviously talk...

Jenna Fortner 4:13

I could.

Jennifer Wilson 4:13

Just the whole time just on Disney.

Jenna Fortner 4:16

I don't know that you want to or anybody else wants to listen, but I could, I love theme parks.

Jennifer Wilson 4:21

Yeah, but what's exciting you right now inside of memory keeping?

Jenna Fortner 4:26

Oh, I've downloaded the Affinity app a while back and I have been playing with it. I love it. It's it's like Photoshop, but it's not a subscription. And it has some features, even the Photoshop app doesn't have, so I'm really playing around with that and really trying to learn it over using Photoshop Elements on my computer. I've done a few things with it. You can use templates with it, but it's it's only available on iPads and there's a desktop version of course. But I'm just glad that's not a subscription. I hate to say that because I know that's important and it helps businesses stay in business. But I've been playing around with that app a lot lately. I absolutely love it.

Jennifer Wilson 5:12

We have a lot of our Simple Scrapper members who are into digital they have switched partially or completely over to Affinity Photo.

Jenna Fortner 5:20

Oh really?

Jennifer Wilson 5:21

They love it. Yeah.

Jenna Fortner 5:22

Yeah, I love it, too. Yeah. And I recently bought the giant datestamp from Studio Calico. I know I'm, this is not new, but it's new to me. And I absolutely love it. That giant date stamp from Studio Calico. You know what I'm talking about?

Jennifer Wilson 5:41

I do. Yeah.

Jenna Fortner 5:42

I've been putting it on all of the pages in my son's senior album that I'm doing that I'm woefully behind on, but we won't, we won't, you know, worry about that. I love it. Every page has that big giant date stamp on it. And it's just a lot of fun. I mean, it's as big as my face.

Jennifer Wilson 6:02

I know, I know, it's giant. Yes. Now, I don't know if you saw but Heidi Swapp is coming out with her version two.

Jenna Fortner 6:09

Oh, is she really? Okay, I'll have to go look at that now and see if it's a little bit different than what I have and get them both because they're just fun.

Jennifer Wilson 6:17

Yeah, cuz I think the the month part is in her handwriting. I'm not sure about the other parts, whether the numbers are in handwriting or like a typeset font. But yeah, I love big fun stamps like that.

Jenna Fortner 6:29

Yeah, me too. And I've been making some recipe cards, I wanted to have this project done by the time my oldest moved into her old, own apartment and started her post college job. And I didn't get it done. But I've just been making recipe cards in the Project Life app and printing them out four by six size. And I really like those. So that's an ongoing project that I'm I'm back into right now. So it's on my mind. And I'm kind of excited to get that done. I'd love to have it done soon for her now that she's is moved in and on her own. But again, it's one of those. Yeah, we'll see how it goes. You know?

Jennifer Wilson 7:06

Yeah, yep. We've talked a lot this year about kind of trying to have a plan, but also follow your inspiration at the same time. Because if you're not feeling it, you're not going to work on it, and you're not going to find the creative flow around it. So you kind of have to like, let your intuition guide you a little bit. And then eventually it all somehow gets done, right?

Jenna Fortner 7:29

Yes. And it's not a mandate. This is supposed to be fun.

Jennifer Wilson 7:33


Jenna Fortner 7:34

So if I don't want to scrap it, I don't. No one is making me get this done today. And it should never be that way. It should be fun. So that I mean the planning part, I'm all all for that because without it I would be lost. But it is definitely an in and out kind of thing and their ebbs and flows. And I I work on this project for a while and then I put it aside. For sure.

Jennifer Wilson 8:00

Yes, yes. Well and I think some of the tricks we're going to talk about later in this episode, help you be able to kind of follow the ebb and flow and then, so it's ready for you when you come back to it.

Jenna Fortner 8:11

yes and pick up without a beat.

Jennifer Wilson 8:13

Yes, yes. Okay. But before we get to that, we love to ask our guest members here what is on your memory keeping Bucket List? This is one story that feels really important to capture.

Jenna Fortner 8:27

Travel. I really wanting to travel right now. My husband and I love to plan vacations together we have more fun doing that, well not going to say we have more fun doing that, than actually on the vacation. But it is part of the fun for us. So we want to do a Christmas market trip again. We went to Germany last year and year before last, no, what year, my goodness 2018. I con't evem know.

Jennifer Wilson 8:56

2019 would have been the one pre pandemic.

Jenna Fortner 8:59

Yeah, I think it was 2018 Oh my goodness. But there was so much. Once you go you're like you think it's gonna be a, one time, be all end all fabulous thing. And you're like, there is so much more to see, we have got to come back. So I know we want to, we want to go to a couple of places and so those trips are always on my Bucket List to scrap for sure. I'm already kind of pre planning some of those things as we speak. We haven't even you know bought a plane ticket yet or anything but that, that's what's, that's what definitely is now a new Bucket List item for for us going back seeing some Christmas markets in Germany, going to Scotland. He wants to go to Scotland and so that, that eventually is also on our list. And there's also some personal stories that I want to share that I want to make sure I get down for my kids and grandkids or anybody, you know, just things of my childhood. I haven't really scrapped yet, because I didn't really start scrapbooking, like we know it, until I was pregnant with my first and...

Jennifer Wilson 8:59

That seems pretty typical of so many.

Jenna Fortner 9:05

Yeah, yeah. And so there are definitely some stories of my childhood I want to get down. And what, what the problem for me is that I have a horrible memory, horrible memory. And if someone tells me a story, I say, Oh, I remember that. And I can see it in my mind. But I will never think of it on my own.

Jennifer Wilson 10:39

Well, I think that's where like some storytelling prompts and just having conversations and like looking through, like nostalgic memorabilia. Like I love those websites that have like fun stuff from the 80s and 90s, that you would never think of on your own. But when you start browsing it, you're like, Oh, I remember that. And then one thing leads to another and kind of things start to resurface.

Jenna Fortner 10:59

Yes, this did resurface because my mom gave me a while back a huge box of photos. And I think she had taken all of her photos out of those magnetic type albums when she heard it was bad. And then, you know, that wasn't archival, really. So she pulled them all out, but then didn't do anything with them. So I simply just took photos of those photos with my phone camera. And I'm kind of working through some of those. So that's the Bucket List story right now is to really just get down some of those things for me, and then my childhood. And then my husband's also. I need to, I need to do some of that also. So that's a that's on the dream list of when I get to it, that would be nice. And but the travel, we we just want to travel again and go somewhere.

Jennifer Wilson 11:50

Oh, yeah, for sure.

Jenna Fortner 11:51

Do something fun. So we're starting with Disneyland, and we'll see how it goes.

Jennifer Wilson 11:56

I love it. I think so much with these stories that like you, you know what's there. And as long as you have it kind of tucked aside, when the time is right, you'll know. Like so we did my husband's album, we just, I literally finished it a week ago. And I started it in May, you know, and it took so a big chunk of the year working on and off. But this felt like the appropriate time. Part of that was pandemic related, you know, life is short, that type of thing. So we want to do this. And so I said, Hey, we're doing this, I didn't really ask him if he was ready to do it. I just said, Hey, we're doing this now. And so start going through your photos.

Jenna Fortner 12:33

Oh, that's funny.

Jennifer Wilson 12:33

Yeah, I think those things just you kind of have to, that's why we talk about these because if you plant the seed, you'll be able to, you know, pick the flower.

Jenna Fortner 12:41

And have everything organized and ready to go in folders, sub folders, it's organized in, when I get to it, I'll get to it. And it's definitely something I want to do. Absolutely. It's super important. And but I scrapbook for me, I enjoy it for me. But I also know that there are questions I have about my ancestors, I would love to have had answered and so maybe if I could just get some of this down now. Maybe that would be nice for someone later. I really am not into my legacy. But, you know, some fun stories would be great. You know?

Jennifer Wilson 13:20

What I think that that's so important to understand is why you do certain things. You can, there's so many different ways to have a creative outlet and what percentage or what types of things do you do for that? And maybe you do a smaller percentage that are really for the legacy because it isn't as important to you in general or, or right now we all have kind of we fall somewhere on the spectrum. And that may shift over time.

Jenna Fortner 13:46

I'm sure it will. The older, I feel like the older I get, the more that more important that is to me. Like you said earlier you know, time is time is short. Life is sweet. You gotta yeah, I've the older I get for sure that is more important to me. Our kids and your daughter and his kids will really appreciate having these stories down. I know they will because I know I wanted that myself. But I feel awkward sometimes. Scrapbooking about myself.

Jennifer Wilson 14:16

Really? You do? Okay.

Jenna Fortner 14:18

I do. Yeah, I do. I'm like I'm loud enough. I talk a lot. Everybody knows everything about me pretty much. I mean, I just I it I'm all out there. But then I think well, there are some important stories that are not out there that they do need to know so, but I find it very difficult to just sit down and scrapbook about myself. Yeah, it's hard.

Jennifer Wilson 14:42

Okay, that's we can have a whole 'nother therapy episode for you on that one. All right, let's dive in to preparation. So you're previously on episode 35, as we mentioned. This was way back in 2019, which feels like way more than two years ago.

Jenna Fortner 14:58

See, doesn't it? Yeah.

Jennifer Wilson 15:01

But I'm curious, like what's been new in your scrapbooking life in the past two years?

Jenna Fortner 15:07

I have, I did a huge digital cleanout Hmm. I also in 2019, that school year, I did not go back to work, I had worked part time for our school district and I did not go back. Some things just didn't work out. So I said, You know what, I think this door is closing, I didn't have anything going on next. But I decided to treat cleaning out my house, including digital clutter, as my job. I would get up, put on my shoes and go to work.

Jennifer Wilson 15:40

Wow, I'm impressed.

Jenna Fortner 15:41

I'd take a little lunch break, and then finish cleaning something out. And that included my entire digital library. And it's perfectly organized, and it's synced up to a cloud. It's just so refreshing now. And I feel like, I have everything at my fingertips that I could possibly need to get to. I know where every single thing is, I can't explain how freeing that felt. And then especially regarding our house and things in our house, that was before COVID. And then we had all of the sudden, four adults in this house again. And it was just kind of comfortable. I mean, I'm not saying at all, that the pandemic was fun. I'm saying I had taken the time that year before to organize and clean out this house so well, that when we were all on top of each other for weeks on end, it was fine. And then I redid our oldest bedroom, into my office, gym, craft room now and I keep the desk cleared. Having a clear desk has made me more productive in anything digital or physical. It's, there's nothing on it. And it makes and I look at it and I think, okay, what can I do here? There's some space for me to work now. And it doesn't feel overwhelming, because I never had a dedicated area except the dining table. So that has really helped. And that's that's just definitely been over the past couple of years. And all my photos were organized very well. I was talking, I'm talking about our digital, my digital clutter. Like screenshots of random junk and my digital scrapbooking kits.

Jennifer Wilson 17:42

Sure. Yeah.

Jenna Fortner 17:44

They're organized so perfectly now. It's beautiful.

Jennifer Wilson 17:48

What you said was so profound, because our stuff can sometimes get in the way of living.

Jenna Fortner 17:56

Yeah, visual clutter. Visual clutter makes me legit angry. I can't stand it. And I don't feel productive. I feel like it's always saying, Do this, do this. Instead of what can you do here? What can we do with this space? It was always demanding me to clean something up or put something away. And we got rid of so much stuff. And I when I say stuff, I mean, real stuff and digital stuff. It's just, in all ways has been so freeing to downsize all that stuff. Because I did that in anticipation of a move, which did not happen during COVID of course. We were, we were thinking about moving and now we're like, we're gonna stay here and let's remodel, what are we going to do? It's a whole other story in the real estate market right now. So we're not moving but that that's what started it before COVID was the possibility of a move with two kids out of the house. What what were we going to do. So and then it turned into you know what, this place feels perfect now?

Jennifer Wilson 19:08

Oh, I love that it feels so refreshing. And just that how space creates room for opportunity and ideas and creativity. And it goes for your digital space too. I know my desktop is like cluttered with a bunch of junk. I immediately feel overwhelmed when I sit down at my desk.

Jenna Fortner 19:24

Well yeah, it's so demanding. And you're like, No, I just want to create something fun.

Jennifer Wilson 19:31

Well, yeah, like even as you said, even seeing it you have to make that micro decision of am I cleaning up my computer desktop now or later? Like your every time you see it like there's that mental decision and that takes energy.

Jenna Fortner 19:42


Jennifer Wilson 19:43

Yeah. But I want to like before we go on to the next question, I'm curious about your digital system. You said you have everything kind of synced to the cloud. And so I'm sure our listeners are gonna want to know exactly what this looks like.

Jenna Fortner 19:55

Well, I use OneDrive, which is a part of the Microsoft 365 subscription. And that's what I use. Now, I love it, it's so easy. I just download the apps on all my devices and log in. And when I get something new, a new digital kit, I download it, unzip it on my computer, put it where it goes on my computer, and then copy it over to OneDrive and everything stays pretty organized. It stays in my email until I do that. I don't, I don't, I don't even download the folder because I don't want it there until I'm ready to actually put it where it goes. And before I used to Dropbox, and then I've also used Amazon Prime for my photos. Now if you're, I'm already paying for Amazon Prime, that's never gonna not be a thing for us probably. So it's kind of my mindless backup, I don't even use it. But I just backup everything, all my photos to it. And then OneDrive also is what I actively use. So I can go to my computer at the end of the month. And there's a folder for the year and a sub folder for the month. And I just copy it over to my computer where it gets backed up. And I sync it to a hard drive once in a while and it's in OneDrive, it's on my computer, it's on the hard drive. It's also an Amazon Prime, all my photos. So um, but regarding digital kids, I just have seasonal folders, I have a few designers that I really go to that I migrate to. And they have their own folder with all their stuff in it. A few sub folders for different different things. But it's just all on a digital scrapbooking folder on my computer. With like I said seasonal or themed folders and all the kits are in in the in there. It's great.

Jennifer Wilson 21:49

I'm curious, if there's any particular features of OneDrive that you think makes it better than Dropbox or makes you prefer it more than Dropbox?

Jenna Fortner 21:58

We are, we will always pay for an Office subscription, whatever they call it. Now it's Microsoft Office 365, you know what I'm referring to. So I'm going to use what I'm already paying for and free Dropbox is not enough. So I'm not going to, I'm not going to pay for another cloud service when I already have Prime and OneDrive. So I used free Dropbox, when I was putting this in air quotes catching up on my scrapbooking. I would put a few folders in Dropbox at a time and navigate to it through the Project Life app. But now I use OneDrive it's it's mainly because it is what I already pay for. I'm always going to pay for that. We're always going to need that subscription. So I'm going to use it. And I love that when I am ready to download my full my pictures to a folder on my computer. There's a year folder and it's a monthly sub folder. It'll do that for you. And I don't know that many any others will put it that narrowly down into a sub folder.

Jennifer Wilson 23:04

Oh, fine. Okay. I love this idea of like leveraging what you're already paying for kind of exploring that to see if it's gonna work well for you.

Jenna Fortner 23:14

Yeah, it does. Yeah.

Jennifer Wilson 23:16

Yeah. What's interesting is I'm actually trying to see if I can get away with not having any office apps.

Jenna Fortner 23:23

Are you?

Jennifer Wilson 23:24

So I know, so my university paid for it for a long time. And then because of my particular employment classification, they're like, sorry, you're not, we're not going to pay for your desktop apps anymore. You can use the cloud version, which doesn't have a ton of features. I'm trying to see like, can I get away with not having Word and Excel and PowerPoint on my computer? So far, it's been okay.

Jenna Fortner 23:49

Okay. Good.

Jennifer Wilson 23:50

It's I don't know, it's only been like a month.

Jenna Fortner 23:53

So what Cloud do you use?

Jennifer Wilson 23:55

Mostly Google.

Jenna Fortner 23:56

Okay. Okay. And see, I have iPhone and an iPad, but I have a PC so I don't use iCloud much, which is what you would naturally think I should use. But I don't. I don't think using iCloud on a PC is super user friendly. So I don't do it.

Jennifer Wilson 24:13

I agree. I agree. And I'm, I'm on a PC now too. I used to be all Apple and now I'm on Android and PC and...

Jenna Fortner 24:20

Wow, you made a switch.

Jennifer Wilson 24:23

It was for sure.

Jenna Fortner 24:24

Yeah. I love it though. I mean, whatever works you gotta do it works. Yeah.

Jennifer Wilson 24:28

Yeah. 100%

Jenna Fortner 24:29

And don't forget, you guys who are listening. Don't forget about free Dropbox, you know that you can get away with using that. And I did. But now that I want everything at my fingertips all the time, I, I love using OneDrive.

Jennifer Wilson 24:44

Well, and Dropbox gives you more storage, the more you refer your friends to it. So I actually have more than 20 gigs of storage and on my free plan.

Jenna Fortner 24:54

Oh, that's nice.

Jennifer Wilson 24:55

Because I've referred so many people

Jenna Fortner 24:59

I did not know they did that. That's awesome.

Jennifer Wilson 25:01

Yeah. It's like, it's like you get a quarter gig for every person that you refer. So...

Jenna Fortner 25:06

That's so cool. Good for you. Yeah.

Jennifer Wilson 25:10

But I'm at this point now where I need to pay for something. And I need to I'm still trying to, like, make, figure out what I'm gonna commit to because it feels like so just dating, it feels like a marriage.

Jenna Fortner 25:23

Mm hmm.

Jennifer Wilson 25:24

Yeah. Yeah.

Jenna Fortner 25:26

There's some longevity you want for this. So I don't think Amazon Prime is super user friendly, either. And I'm speaking of navigating to it through the Project Life app, which is where I mainly scrapbook now. And so getting to everything and Amazon Prime is not as easy, but it can be done.

Jennifer Wilson 25:45

No, I agree on that, too. So. But that's a great segue here. So for those who may, you know, not really know, that you're the one of the most prolific Project Life app scrappers? Why is this your chosen memory keeping solution?

Jenna Fortner 26:04

Well, I came across it when I really needed it. We had just gone on a road trip. And I came back and was trying to scrapbook it with Photoshop Elements and trying to like I said, my memory is horrid. So I couldn't even remember three weeks ago. And we were about to go on another road trip the next summer. And I thought, No, I have got to have something at my fingertips, what can I do. So I had been looking at notes, apps or journaling apps, I didn't even think I could scrapbook on my phone. And when I saw a blog post from Melissa Shannon, on the digital scrapbooking HQ site, which it took me forever to remember where I, where I saw this from for the first time, but that's where it was. I immediately downloaded it and never looked back. And I thought, This is gonna be so perfect for our road trip. And I didn't think I'd use it for much else, I thought it'd be great for traveling. But now I use it all the time. And so it hit this sweet spot that I needed in that moment. And I just like I said, never looked back. I thought this is so easy. I'm gonna do this for everything.

Jennifer Wilson 27:12

So for those who may be not totally familiar with what the app is, and what it does, could you describe a little bit about what the experiences?

Jenna Fortner 27:21

With the Project Life app? Yeah, it's free to download. And so why not give it a try, right. So you can just, don't mind, one thing is just don't be afraid to tap around on anything. You know, you open up a page, and there's some little icons, tap on every one of them and see, see what they they can do. It's so, so easy. You just add your photos, and then you drop in a card, and you do a little journaling. And that can be it, there's a lot more you could do with it. But that that could be it. And that's enough, really, I mean, it's a pocket style, collage style, grid based system. But it's just, it's just so easy. I mean, it's just so easy.

Jennifer Wilson 28:08

Well and your Facebook group was really devoted to what are all the different things that we can do with this app.

Jenna Fortner 28:14


Jennifer Wilson 28:15

I know the first time that I saw like, okay, let's make this page and export it, and then we're gonna re import it into a pocket. My mind was a little blown with the inception ness of it.

Jenna Fortner 28:26

Yeah, I do that a lot, just a mix up and make a template that's not in the app. But other people have taken it too. I mean, just higher, higher levels. And I caution a little bit on that used to, but not as much anymore now that a big change in the app is now that it exports at 3600 by 3600. And I don't think people are giving that enough credit. That was a recent change this summer. It used to export smaller than that. And yes, we printed our pages, and they were totally fine. And nobody even probably noticed. But that is the standard. So why not have it. And I'm so glad they do now for a 12 by 12 to be 3600 by 3600. I think it's great. So So I I tend to do a little more of that. Now that it exports at a higher resolution, I mean, tend to do more of the like save a partial page and add it back into a pocket to do something kind of fancy, you can leave a little whitespace and have some journaling room. You know, there are a ton of Photoshop templates like that. And now, I mean, you can do that in the app, not now you can do that in the app. You've always been able to do that in the app, but it's now more popular to do.

Jennifer Wilson 29:41

That's perfect. I'm curious if there's been any other changes to the app. You know, we had kind of a big update recently that finally came to Android after being on Apple for a while. You know what's most notable to you from that big release?

Jenna Fortner 29:53

I love the search feature now. That's a, that's a great, great feature. The interface is a little bit different with the 3.0 version. But it functions very much the same. And then it has that new section of editorial templates. And that section is even more simple, simpler. What's the what's the right word in English? It's more, it's simpler. That's it, right? It's simpler. Because you can even Well, I know I'm like, is it more simple or is it simpler, anyway, you can't even add cards there. It's just for your photos. And just for journaling. So I mean, if you're at decision paralysis, that section is what you do drop in your photo journal a little bit be done. If you want to do a little bit more, and but you don't know where to start, then they have the search feature in the in the app now. And so if you're looking for a certain card or a certain color, you can search for it now very easily. And that will help minimize decisions also. So I know the app was created to be simple. And it's, it's it continues to prove that point. It's simple and easy. And it's still very pretty. You can edit your photos, gorgeously, the card collections are beautiful. But I just love that there's a search feature in there now and the larger export size.

Jennifer Wilson 31:23

Oh, the search feature is super handy. Because I know that I was, we were on a trip. And you know, I was using it because I was scrapbooking on the road. And I wanted to pick a kit. And I'm like, Well, I have to go look at all the kits first, right? So I have to look through every single one. And then after I open it, I have to kind of scroll back through and find where I was and then keep looking. And...

Jenna Fortner 31:45

No you just type a tree or a mountain or river and something will pop up.

Jennifer Wilson 31:50

Try to narrow it down based on you know what you're scrapping? So I love that. Yeah.

Jenna Fortner 31:56

I think it's not a new feature. But I think the the best feature of the app is the folders system. Anytime I start a new project, I create a folder. Anytime I start a new page, I immediately add it to the folder. To help stay organized. I don't even look at that, in progress section of the Project Life app, I don't even look at it, I go straight to my folders. And so I can see the whole project at a glance and see where I've left off.

Jennifer Wilson 32:24

Oh, that's that's perfect transition because we really want to talk more about process. So we've mentioned some of the fun features. But I want to focus on how our listeners can be successful if they want to do more app scrapping or even exclusively app scrapping in 2022. So what advice do you have for someone starting a new project?

Jenna Fortner 32:47

Folders, folders folders in the app and albums albums albums in your photos app. I make an album in my photo app for every, say day of vacation or if you're scrapping weekly, every week, or if you're scrapping monthly, every month. And if you don't do any of those things, you still have an event you're scrapping. So make an album for that event that you want to scrap no matter what it is. And then make a folder for it in the Project Life app and go ahead and start a page and set up, set up maybe a layout with the journaling you want to use. And that way you can duplicate that page, your journaling is set, you can you can leave your preferences set for maybe another project you're doing that's more active. And then you can set up folders for things with anything you want, with pages in it with a journal. You know, just type out one little sentence, or even just one little word. And then you can duplicate it. And it's all set and ready to go for you the next time you want to add a page to that folder or scrap more from that event. I just think that is super, super, that is key to having some success with this app and keeping it organized. I I like I said, I set my preference for whatever I'm actively working on. And then I set up a folder for everything else. And I put little cheat sheets in the folder with maybe, like I said, a mocked up template. Or if I don't want to do that, I have a a four by six in the album with maybe a little note of what size and what font I used. And so I can just refer to that real quick. And again, I opened from a folder. So I see it all at a glance. And I can see oh yeah, this project I'm using this font because you know now you can add fonts to the Project Life app. And that freeform text feature, although it is limited and glitchy, you can use it and it works great on your photos or the cards in the app that don't allow for journaling. So I love having little cheat sheets in each folder. I use a backup marker also. So as I, as I finish a page, I want to save it right, then you never want to leave 1000 pages in your app, you want to save them as you go. Because there's no batch processes at, in the app, it's all page by page. So I save it, and then I save it to my device, I save it to my cloud. And I go from there. And I move that backup marker over a little bit, because there's different ways you can sort the pages in a folder in the app. So I sort by folder order, I think on Android, it's called Custom sort. And it's the one that allows you to drag and drop and move your pages around. So that keeps me super organized as well. And I just love setting up a few of those things in every folder. And then when I'm ready to use them, they're at my fingertips in every folder for every project.

Jennifer Wilson 35:58

So it sounds like you're just you're leaving so many breadcrumbs for yourself both structurally, with the folder systems, both in the app and on your computer. As well as literal notes to yourself to make sure that you can jump in and know exactly what you need to do. Because if you rely on your own memory...

Jenna Fortner 36:15

Never gonna happen.

Jennifer Wilson 36:15

Our memories don't work very well sometimes.

Jenna Fortner 36:18

I've said it twice already. And I will say it again. Mine is horrible.

Jennifer Wilson 36:22


Jenna Fortner 36:22

And, and I've added a lot of fonts. So I can't look at the app and say, Oh, that's this font. I know what that is. I would, I don't remember the name of a font. Now, so those cheat sheets really, really helped me.

Jennifer Wilson 36:36

Yes, I did that recently, where I was finishing a project and like, well, what if someday I want to go add more to this. So I like tucked a little note in the back with the name of the font because I knew there's no way I'm going to remember what this is. Yeah.

Jenna Fortner 36:48

Yes. And I named the pages in the app very simply. So basically, you open up one folder, and it just says, I have a cover photo, I have page one. Which because I print books for the most part. So I always need that individual single page when you open the book. And then I start my double page spreads. And that's page two, and three. And that's it for my whole, every album is like that. I don't name them, Week one or January, I just simply name them and number them. Because if you when you export it to your camera roll, if I upload it from a cloud there, it's just gonna say an image number that my phone apps gave it. But if I upload straight from the Project Life app into a cloud, that name sticks. And so it'll have the date and then an underscore, and then whatever you've named your page. So I...

Jennifer Wilson 37:44

That's perfect, so it sorts in order.

Jenna Fortner 37:46

Yes. So it stays in order when I come to my computer to download them off of OneDrive, because I do use my computer to upload them to my printing site. I don't like using my mobile devices. For that I want max flexibility. So I do a lot of that on my computer. But when I go to download them from OneDrive, they they're in number order, I don't have to guess it's perfect.

Jennifer Wilson 38:12

Oh, wow. Yeah, um, I love all the tips that you have for making things so much easier. Thanks.

Jenna Fortner 38:18

I'm a little, I just use this app all the time. I'll say I'm a little obsessive, a lot obsessed

Jennifer Wilson 38:24

You are and that's ok.

Jenna Fortner 38:25

With figuring things out. And and if someone has a question, I go and figure it out. Or if someone else goes and figures it out, you know, I'm specifically talking about like if someone asked in the group, you know, and it's just such a great crowd resource. And I've learned, I know a lot about the app. And I do and I'm confident in that. And I'm happy to say that. But I learned a lot from everybody else in that group, too. I just learned something the other day about sometimes when you add a bunch of photos to a template, and then you go change the templates, some of the photos disappear.

Jennifer Wilson 38:57

Mm hmm.

Jenna Fortner 38:58

Have you had that happen?

Jennifer Wilson 38:59

I have.

Jenna Fortner 39:00

So if you just tap on that same exact template in the bar of options, they will repopulate.

Jennifer Wilson 39:08


Jenna Fortner 39:09

Yes, yes! I just learned that from someone in the group the other night, the other day. And I thought, I struggle with that sometimes because I'm so irritated and they disappear. And I just move things around. And I just go back or try to figure out Yeah, but no, I did it. And it worked on my device. Now, someone else said it didn't work on theirs. Maybe she was Android, maybe it's an iOS thing? I don't know there are so many strange things between between the two platforms. But it worked the other day and I was so excited to learn something new because that is a frustration. So anyway, anyway, I love the app. I learn a lot just by tapping around. I'm not afraid to tap around and try to do anything with that app. You can't ruin anything. It's so easy to use. And if you accidentally delete a card or a photo, you can add it right back in. It's just easy. And again, what really makes me come back is the library. I can keep the folders I can keep so many projects building at the same time.

Jennifer Wilson 40:11

Yes, for sure. So that you can, you know, follow as we talked about before, follow your inspiration, when you're feeling inspired on one subject, like, keep working on this one. And then let's put it aside for a time. So now I'm curious, how would you approach, because I can tell you like, you're really into the strategy here, preparing pages for a previous year, like let's say you want to scrapbook 2017, versus like, starting Project Life for 2022?

Jenna Fortner 40:38

Yeah, I would do, I'm a bad journaler, also because of my poor memory. So I would stick to bullet journaling for past pages, but I might have more fluid journaling and conversational paragraphs in current pages. And I would stick to if I'm navigating back to past years, I would stick to a double page spread, and limit yourself there. So you can make some progress, and some meaningful progress. Because I could probably spend 20 pages on a day at Magic Kingdom, and I've been there 20 times, I don't need 20 pages. And I also don't need 20 pages about my dinner last night, you know, I mean, there's a balance. And so I think a good double page spread completely can represent any event in our life.

Jennifer Wilson 41:34

Oh, 100%.

Jenna Fortner 41:34

Anything we do. So I would stick to that. And I in the app, I would use templates that have a good mix of portrait and landscape. I just used Stampin' Up 6A and 6B for an entire Hawaii vacation. The entire thing, I just used Stampin' Up 6A on the left, I guess and then B on the right. And it was a good mix of portrait and landscape pockets. And I I put the cards in the exact same places.

Jennifer Wilson 42:07

And I love repetition, like that, yeah.

Jenna Fortner 42:10

And I use the same font throughout the album, and knocked it out in like, a month. So it was, I might not do that with something I'm scrapbooking today. But if I give myself some parameters for past events, especially if we're talking about years to catch up on that really would help.

Jennifer Wilson 42:33

I think if we step back here, it's just as important, understanding is that the experience and the end result is always gonna be different. And I think you can't put the expectation on yourself of going back and doing a previous year that it's gonna look or feel like doing it live.

Jenna Fortner 42:53

Right? It won't yeah, there's no way. It won't. I could tell a funny story and take up an entire four by six journaling card or something that happened yesterday. But am I gonna really jot that down from three years ago? Probably not. I'm gonna remember the funny picture I took or the funny joke, but I might not actually journal all that.

Jennifer Wilson 43:16

Well and there's. Go ahead.

Jenna Fortner 43:18

Another good template is Squared Away 15. If you don't want to worry about orientation, the squared away templates are nice because the squares will pretty much fit anything. I used squared away 15, again, for an entire Disney World trip. I used it on both sides of my layout, my double spread page. And put cards along the top row is three by four landscape pockets. And then the rest is a bunch of squares. And I put my photos all in the squares. And they all worked out really easy.

Jennifer Wilson 43:56

Mmm. I love that because I think sometimes that can be a hang up whether you're doing you know digital Project Life in the app or physical, is the landscape versus portrait photos.

Jenna Fortner 44:06

It's frustrating sometimes. That's why a good mix. Oh, and there are some new templates too. They're numbered I think it's 31 and 32. And then 33 and 34. They have a good mix of landscape and portrait pockets also and I'm really excited about having some new templates in the app. And I hope I hope they just keep adding more templates and I'm specifically referring to collage templates. I hardly ever use that editorial section because like I said, it feels too, it feels like too personal. I want, I want all the cards and I want all the stories and the photos and having those limited choices. And for the most part the examples the Becky Higgins company has been putting out a very personal, personal story driven editorials. I don't use them very much. I really just love the collage templates in the app, they are my favorite.

Jennifer Wilson 45:06

Sure well and it gives options for those who want something a little bit simpler, maybe they don't even consider themselves scrapbookers and want to do, you know, just doing something with your photos that's more than nothing. For sure.

Jenna Fortner 45:17

Yeah. And especially even people who just make a collage to put on Instagram, start using the Project Life app for that. It's so fun. Even just for that.

Jennifer Wilson 45:26

Yes, for sure. So what our app users need to consider when they're planning, when you're thinking about kind of weekly, versus monthly documentation, and the total number of pages. I know, you mentioned that you print primarily books. So there's kind of like a kind of pre planning step you need to do here.

Jenna Fortner 45:44

A little bit, you need to decide what printer you want to use and see what their page limits are. If you want to, if you need to maybe break your book up into two volumes, you might have to do that. Because I I tend to print softcover books at Shutterfly and their page limit is 111. I know that, I know that because I got stuck one time and thought, oh, no, I need more. And I had the first time I went to print with them, I realized I need to take a few pages out or revamp some of this or print into volumes. So that's definitely the first thing to even start thinking about. If you're going to print a book, you got to look at page limits and see what they are. And then maybe you just need one page a week or one page a month, depending on how much you're printing at a time.

Jennifer Wilson 46:33

Yes, yes. I wouldn't want someone to feel like surprised at the end of the year or even partway through the year.

Jenna Fortner 46:38

Oh, it's so disappointing. It's so disappointing. And how big do you really want those books to be? How much do you want each book to cover? And if you're printing loose pages, how much are you gonna fit in a binder? How many binders do you want? How heavy do you want that to be? Because I know, I love my 12 by 12, full color, beautiful, bright pages. But some of those albums are pretty intense, and they're very heavy.

Jennifer Wilson 47:09

That's very, very true. Especially, for now that I'm a paper scrapbook, or I used to be fully digital, but for the past decade, I've been doing paper and those albums are really heavy.

Jenna Fortner 47:20

But I love them. I'm never gonna go back and redo anything. I love everything as it is it represents the great stages we've gone through and things we've learned and where we are now. I, I might scan or take photos of my old paper albums for for preservation sake. But I'm never gonna ditch them and print a little book. Oh, no, I could never do that.

Jennifer Wilson 47:45

Yeah. I'm curious if you have any additional tips for someone doing whether it's weekly or monthly Project Life with the app, how would you kind of further adapt your album and folder system.

Jenna Fortner 47:58

For the pages, I would try to use, you know, a monthly or a weekly title card that unifies it all. And then mix and match all your kits with whatever theme of the month is, but I like having a title card. That's the same throughout the whole album, if you're especially if you're doing Project Life, as originally described that weekly version.

Jennifer Wilson 48:22

Sure, yeah, yeah.

Jenna Fortner 48:23

I morphed it into that month, a monthly thing because as my kids got older, we just, I could not even scrape up a picture for one or two weeks sometimes. And so I do a monthly version of that. And I just kind of unify the whole thing with the same title card, and then it's anything goes but but again, it's using that folder system in the app and maybe duplicating the same page over and over again. Those features in the app are often overlooked, and they keep me on top of things and organize so, so well. So that's really the the only thing I would I would consider is maybe just having a couple of unifying things throughout each page. Like the same font and the same title card. And then you're not going to use the same kit in October that you did in March. So anything goes anything goes. But I do like if I'm printing a bound book for it to have something to unify it.

Jennifer Wilson 49:24

Yeah. Some sort of cohesiveness to it for sure. Now, I'm curious. And I mean, I know the answer to this is a loaded question. But this is for those who may not know the answer, you can use other products other than what's you can buy in the app. You can bring them in so for example, Ali Edwards Stories By The Month kits, you could use those to create a Project Life book, but what what are some of the limitations of doing that?

Jenna Fortner 49:50

It's harder to navigate to because you have to go through the photo picker in each pocket of the of the layout you're using or the template you're you're using in the app and so you navigate to the cloud option. And you can set up, you can toggle them on and off. So you have access to them, you got to make sure those apps are downloaded on your devices and that you're logged in. And it just takes a few more taps to get to them. You can favorite folders, though. And they'll show up on that first screen. And as you walk through this process, you'll see what I mean, the browser screen, you always want to get back to that. And you can edit that browse screen to all sorts of different clouds. But it's just a few more taps, you can't navigate straight to the card cards through the card picker, you have to do it through the photo picker and then navigate to your cloud. So it can be tedious. But once you open up that folder, and you're using the same one again, it pops back up for you the second, the consecutive times you go to it. So that's nice.

Jennifer Wilson 50:54

And then you have to use freeform text to do any journaling? Right?

Jenna Fortner 50:57

Yeah, freeform text. Yes, that like I said earlier, it is limited and it is glitchy. But if you want to journal on outside products or your photos, or the in app filler cards, that's what you have to use. You can only journal on with the free native option in the app. You can only journal on those. Yeah, those journal cards that they say are journal cards, or the title cards.

Jennifer Wilson 51:23

Okay, okay, good to know. So kind of touching back on Disney again, because we have to, do you have any advice for someone who wants to prepare pages maybe before a Disney trip?

Jenna Fortner 51:36

I'm doing that right now for our Disneyland trip. Yes, see, I have a cover. And that's a 12 by 12 full photo that's in the editorial section now. And so I just added a beautiful full cover photo scenic photo of Disneyland. You know, if you're taking a trip to the mountains, you put in a a beautiful 12 by 12, full photo of the mountains, whatever you want, you know, you set up that cover page now. And if you go and you take a better picture, one, you know, I just downloaded it from the Disney app. You replace it later. But it's there, it's in a folder ready to go. So you set up that folder you call it Disney or mountains or whatever. And you go ahead and set up a cover photo and you go ahead and set up that first page if you're printing a book. And you go ahead and set up a couple of templates and set up some fonts and then duplicate, duplicate, duplicate. That is the key, you could use the same layout for each, each one. And there's a cute some cute fonts in the app that are Disney inspired. There's one called Mouse Memoirs and that's a fun one, and the Oswald light that could that could that's a great one too. Of course, any font would work and you can add your own, you know, but that's a good font. But if you go ahead and you set up a folder now, and this just applies to anything, but of course Disney's best, right? Okay, thank you. I know, I know. You just and you can set up an album in your photos app right now. Day one, day two, a meal, you go to go ahead and start those out and they're empty. But that's okay. Then when you get there, you can maybe at the end of the day, look through your photos and do what they all call the daily delete, right? Yeah, go ahead and delete those blurry bad pictures on the ride you tried to capture but you couldn't. And you know you don't be afraid to delete because that's okay, do and go ahead and get those photos organized in your photos app and get some pages set up, you know, in the voice dictation. Here's my top tip really is if your final product for this vacation is going to be a Project Life app page. Go ahead and use, put in a card a blank, I mean that not blank, a solid colored card in a pocket, maybe a four by six pocket or a bigger pocket. And voice dictates and journaling that day. Because if your end goal is to make a Project Life app page, why bother doing that in your notes app or your other app? Or you know day one or whatever other journaling apps you guys might use? I quit using one a long time ago because I just put it in the app and I voice dictate right then. Something funny, something I always at the end of a Disney trip put in quotes we heard and that made us laugh that we said or someone else said. Like one time we still remember this mother and daughter on the monorail and we took a senior year trip for my daughter with some friends. And the mom was like I don't want to hold your hand right now talking to her kid like, stop touching me. Just makes us laugh. cuz it was so funny. I mean, this poor family was just worn ragged.

Jennifer Wilson 55:06


Jenna Fortner 55:07

And she was like, I don't want to hold your hand right now. So anytime we're irritated with someone, we're like, I don't want to hold your hand right now. But I put in a whole, you know, every mom, can identify with that comment. I know, like, Stop touching me. You're hot and sweaty, it's gross. I don't want to touch anybody. And of course, back in the day, you were piled on the monorail with 100 people. But, but again, if the end goal is a Project Life app page, I try to just go ahead and put as much as I can on one. That day, I think it's so easy to voice, to voice dictate some journaling.

Jennifer Wilson 55:51

Yes. And so this, this really makes me think of something that, you know, with, with most scrapbooking, whether it's digital or paper, you're trying to put the finished thing on the page. Like that's the point of scrapbooking is you're putting the stuff that you want to use. But when you're using the Project Life app, you can put the unedited photo in there and the unedited journaling as a draft, and then you go back, and you make it better and finish it.

Jenna Fortner 56:19


Jennifer Wilson 56:20

That's just a totally different experience than we do pretty much anywhere else in scrapbooking.

Jenna Fortner 56:25

Yeah, it's hard to do that with paper. Yeah, it's so easy. And like you said, you, you replace the photo, you edit it, you clean up the journaling. You know, because when you voice dictate, if you have to say I was on the Simple Scrapper podcast today period. You have to add all that junk. So you can just stream of consciously talk and go back in and edit it later. Now, that is, that can be slightly risky. If you delete the app on accident, or you have that setting on your phone that offload unused apps, if you haven't used it in a while. And you're coming back to it, you know, say months later, I have that setting turned off immediately. There's no way I don't want any app offloaded. I don't know how that works. I don't like it. I don't, I don't want to take my chance. So I turned that setting off. But yeah, you can come back to it. And you know, just that that is the slight risk that if you accidentally delete the app, or it gets removed, it's not there. But I also have a passcode on my phone, and I don't have little kids messing with my phone and accidentally doing anything. So it's a chance you got to take but it's worth it to me to go ahead and just put that on a page. And it's ready for me and I, I scrapbook on an airplane coming back. I scrapbook in the car, on the bus ride back to the hotel, especially at night when it's been a long day and everybody's quiet and tired anyway, there's, you're not missing anything in that necessarily in that moment. You know, I never want to do anything where I'm actually missing interacting with human beings on vacation with me. But there's time to do it, there is.

Jennifer Wilson 58:14

100% I totally agree. Yeah. And whether it's a Disney trip or other types of events, even in everyday life, we all have like the quiet moments where maybe you could use some of the scrolling time for a little bit of scrapbooking time. So...

Jenna Fortner 58:31

Yeah, yeah. And that process can be for anything. Any project you're working on, whether it's maybe a sweet 16 book for your daughter or an anniversary project for your parents. I mean, it could be that that same system is a system and you can use it for absolutely anything the app makes it so, so easy.

Jennifer Wilson 58:56

Yes. Well, this has been so amazing. I'm curious if you kind of step back, and I know because you've, you've worked with so many people inside of your group. What would you guess is one thing that those who finished their projects, whether it's a year, or a trip, what do they have in common?

Jenna Fortner 59:13

Consistency. I mean, there are some people who will spend 10 minutes a day doing something whether it's editing photos, cleaning up photos. So it's just being consistent and not leaving those gaps where I don't know where I left off, I don't know what I'm doing. What did I organize here, staying and staying, so consistency and organization. Stay on top of all your photos. And most people for the for the most part, people use the in app kits. So staying on top of digital kit organization can be another animal, but really it's keeping those photos organized in your albums in your photos app. And using folders in, I know I sound like a broken record. I can't even think of how many times I've said that. But it is key and that is what gives people consistency, the consistency and the organization is what gives people success with this app. Absolutely.

Jennifer Wilson 1:00:07

Well, I think the more consistent you're able to be. Even if it is just that 10 minutes, the more you'll be able to remember what you're doing. So there's not the the breaks in between where you do need those breadcrumbs as much to remember, okay, what was I doing here? Yeah, like, if you can just stay connected in any way you can find more flow, I think.

Jenna Fortner 1:00:28

And looking at a project in a folder, that eagle eye view of seeing everything at a glance. I can't tell you how mind blowing that can be. That was life changing, being able to just see the whole thing. Okay, I left off on our dinner at Crystal Palace, so what do we do after that? Oh, we've watched the fireworks. I know, my day I can look at and those little thumbnails are enough on an iPad anyway.

Jennifer Wilson 1:00:58


Jenna Fortner 1:00:59

Because I've mainly scrap on my iPad. That's enough for me to know exactly where I left off.

Jennifer Wilson 1:01:06

Oh, perfect. Okay, Jenna, this has been so terrific. Can you share where we can find you online, anything maybe new or fun you have coming up?

Jenna Fortner 1:01:13

Well, I'm jennascraps on Facebook and Instagram, and I have a YouTube channel. I think that's under Jenna Fortner. I've got some tutorials on there. For anybody curious about any of this. There's some stuff there. I have some videos. Also on the Sahlin Studio website. I'm on her creative team. And I love, they're talking about Disney. I love their Project Mouse stuff. So if you're interested in Disney stuff, that's a great option. The app has a lot of good stuff you can use for Disney things too. But I love that stuff. And I just made a Tic Tok account a while back and I downloaded the app. And then I deleted it a long time ago, I thought this isn't going anywhere. But I will say I put a tutorial on there. And I was the first Project Life app hashtag on Tik Tok. So that was so fun to see.

Jennifer Wilson 1:02:04

That's awesome.

Jenna Fortner 1:02:05

I just do it for fun. I don't, I'm not trying to make a business out of anything or do anything. But I do host monthly Zoom crops. And they're, you know, $5, we just do it on Zoom, we sit and chat and that information is in the group or on my Instagram account. And we're going to do a big planning day on January 29. So if anybody wants to join us, that one, is $10. And we're going to set up an album for an entire year. So whether it's your year or another project or vacation. If you want to walk through all of this with us, we're gonna do that on the 29th. But that's really about it. I just try to hang out in the group and have a little fun and answer some questions. And it's, it's just fun. I enjoy scrapbooking. And I enjoy using the Project Life app and I just look forward to whatever they do with it next. I want to see, I would love to see more collage templates. Just I have them all, I bought them all. And anytime they have a new pack of collage templates, you, I will be the first person to buy it, I'd buy it twice if I could.

Jennifer Wilson 1:03:12

Yes. Yeah. Well, you're always so helpful inside the community and just in general with anything Project Life app, and I really appreciate that and you're planning day sounds amazing. So...

Jenna Fortner 1:03:24

It's gonna be fun. I can't wait. So thank you for having me. I really appreciate it. It was so fun to talk to you about this. As you can tell, I just love it.

Jennifer Wilson 1:03:31

I know, it was, yes. Thank you so much, Jenna. And to all of our listeners, please remember that you have permission to Scrapbook Your Way. Are you ready to start implementing the great ideas you hear on the podcast? The Simple Scrapper membership offers a welcoming space to connect with fellow Memory Keepers and find that creative accountability you've been craving. Visit simple to learn more and join our community. It's the best it's ever been.

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We believe simple is not how your page looks, but how your scrapbooking hobby works. We have a free workshop called SPARKED and it is the best way to learn more about Simple Scrapper and start creating consistently.


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