Announcing Our 2023 Book Club Details

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For 2023 we’re shaking up our Book Club model to go deeper on implementation as well as offer more flexibility. We have chosen one selection for the year to be our focal point.

Our 2023 Selection: Tranquility by Tuesday

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Laura Vanderkam has written multiple books on time management, including two we have read in our Book Club previously. Her latest work, Tranquility by Tuesday, offers nine rules to find more joy and ease in life with an emphasis on quality leisure time.

We’ll be officially discussing the book over nine months, February to October, with our membership. This year our live discussions will move to Zoom, with time split between breakout groups and full group discussion. With only one official selection for the year, but many voracious readers in our community, members also receive a list of librarian-picked suggestions for further reading.

As always, our discussion guides will be shared on the website for all in addition to inside our member community. Whether you become a member or remain part of our extended family, we hope you’ll join us in reading Tranquility by Tuesday in 2023!

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