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This episode features an interview with the Simple Scrapper featured artist for May 2024: Flóra Farkas. A detail-oriented scrapbooker with a love of floral details, Flóra loves capturing everyday life through her pages. Our conversation includes her current favorites, how she stays inspired to create, and the value of sharing your memories with others.

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[00:01:26] Jennifer Wilson: Welcome to Scrapbook Your Way, the show that explores the breadth of ways to be a memory keeper today. I’m your host, Jennifer Wilson, owner of Simple Scrapper and author of The New Rules of Scrapbooking. This is episode 261. In this episode I'm interviewing Flóra Farkas for the My Way series. My Way is all about celebrating the unique ways memory keepers get things done. We're excited to have Flóra as the May featured artist at Simple Scrapper.

[00:01:58] Jennifer Wilson: Hi, Flora. Welcome to Scrapbook Your Way.

[00:02:01] Flora Farkas: Hi, Jennifer. Uh, thank you for inviting me here into your podcast. I'm really excited.

[00:02:07] Jennifer Wilson: Yes, I am looking forward to our conversation and getting to know you better. Can you start by sharing a little bit about yourself?

[00:02:15] Flora Farkas: Okay, so, uh, my name is Flóra Mónika Farkas. Uh, my surname means wolf in English. Uh, I'm Hungarian. Um, this is, uh, Hungary in Europe. But, uh, I live actually in the neighboring country in Slovenia, uh, because my husband is Slovenian. Slovenia is a really small country. It's only, uh, two million inhabitants, imagine.

[00:02:41] Flora Farkas: So we are living here, uh, under the mountains. Uh, here, uh, the nature is really beautiful. And we have a three and a half years old, uh, daughter. Her name is, uh, Florina. She's half Slovenian and half Hungarian, and she's speaking both languages. So, um, 34 years old, and I have Master Degree in Andragogy.

[00:03:08] Jennifer Wilson: Oh, what is that? Can you explain what that is?

[00:03:11] Flora Farkas: Okay, so Andragogy is really similar like Pedagogy, but Pedagogy is for kids and Andragogy is about adult education.

[00:03:20] Jennifer Wilson: Okay. Okay. Very interesting. Yes. And I'm sure life is busy with a three and a half year old right now.

[00:03:28] Flora Farkas: Yeah, she's, she's keeping us really busy. Um, she's, she's a very live child. She's interested into everything. She likes to be outside in the nature, like to ride the bicycle. So we are really spending a lot of time outside. I really love this. We are gardening together and reading a lot of books because this is like very important for me to teach her Hungarian as we are not living in Hungary. So I'm really taking a lot of time to educate her.

[00:04:04] Jennifer Wilson: Wonderful. Wonderful. Yes. Um, yeah, it'll be so wonderful to see how she grows up with, um, a dual language and, and learning both cultures as well.

[00:04:13] Flora Farkas: Yeah, this is also for me a mystery.

[00:04:18] Jennifer Wilson: Yes. So I love to ask our guests what is exciting them right now, both inside of scrapbooking as well as in their everyday lives.

[00:04:28] Flora Farkas: Okay. So first I will start with my non scrapbooking goal of this year or what I'm trying to focus. So, I don't know, it really became for me, for me important health and healthy lifestyle. This was always something what I was interested in. But this year I decided to more seriously work out.

[00:05:00] Flora Farkas: So I started already in November, going to a private coach for Muay Thai, that is Thai Boxing. I'm also trying to make the, um, um, 10, 000 steps a day. And, um, eating and cooking healthy. And now that the weather is getting better here in Europe, I'm also planning to go hiking as we have really beautiful mountains, uh, around my village.

[00:05:31] Flora Farkas: So, uh, this is the, um, the focus, um, for this year. And, uh, about scrapbooking, uh, well, um, as you know, I'm a professional scrapbooking. Uh, this is more related to this, um, So I'm planning to, um, manufacture my own products.

[00:05:54] Jennifer Wilson: Wonderful.

[00:05:55] Flora Farkas: Yeah. So this is what I'm working in the background. Something exciting.

[00:06:00] Jennifer Wilson: Oh, um, yeah, I'm sure they'll be lovely for sure. Um, well, yeah, it sounds like lots of like change and exciting times for you.

[00:06:08] Flora Farkas: Yeah. Uh, that's true. Um, I think, um, many changes, um, happened with me because, um, last year my father passed away and.

[00:06:20] Jennifer Wilson: Oh, okay.

[00:06:21] Flora Farkas: I think this is really, you know, even if I'm quite young, you just, you know, you just stop for a moment and then you check a little bit your life. Uh, what you did till now. What you want to reach. Um, and, um, Yeah, I think this is changing. It's still changing inside me. A lot of things. Uh, I, in one way, I feel a bit lost. Uh, trying to find myself. This is also connected, uh, you know, uh, after the birth, after having such a, uh, small child and, uh, everything is new, you know, this motherhood and, uh, holding together the family. So, yeah, I think it's a lot of changes going in my life. So. Uh, recently.

[00:07:06] Jennifer Wilson: Well, I hope you, um, navigate it well. And yeah, and embrace for all the possibilities that, that are ahead of you. Certainly those life events such as a passing of a loved one can trigger us to realign and, and, uh, update our goals and, and make strides in new directions. So I'm excited to see what's, what's to come for you.

[00:07:31] Flora Farkas: Thank you, me too.

[00:07:32] Jennifer Wilson: So I also always love to ask our guests about their memory keeping bucket list. So that's a list of one or more stories that you still want to tell because it's important to you for one reason or another, but you have not yet shared it. So what is on your memory keeping bucket list?

[00:07:50] Flora Farkas: Okay, so on my bucket list is definitely December Daily. Uh, because I, uh, started actually a few of them, uh, some years ago. But to be honest, I have never finished any. It's such a big shame. Uh, but now that I have a daughter, I feel even more important, and I feel even more valuable, valuable, could be the December Daily. So that she could watch back, um, how was, uh, uh, this December traditions. Uh, what was going on, uh, when she was a small. Because I'm for sure I would also love to see something like this if my mother would make it for me. So, um, I really would like to make this for my, uh, daughter.

[00:08:36] Jennifer Wilson: Oh, I'm sure you will. Like, I think there's so many ways that you can finish the project. Maybe you need to like do what I like to call a course correction. Where maybe you combine multiple years or compare and contrast two different years. Um, so that you can use the products that you've already gotten started with and really make this something that's an important, uh, keepsake for your daughter. So yeah, that's a great one.

[00:09:02] Flora Farkas: Yeah, I think, um, that I will definitely make it. Um, I think I also a little bit misunderstand the whole concept of, uh, December Daily. Because in the past I really thought that you have to do this actually in December. And then I found out that actually December, uh, is just about, uh, collecting the memories and, uh, the material for the December Daily. And actually after December you can start to assemble the, um, album itself.

[00:09:32] Flora Farkas: So, um, yeah, I think when I, um, really realized this, that this is, uh, I was, I was totally, um, um, mistaken. Uh, then this, this will help me actually, that, uh, not, not in December you have to put together actually this album. Because, uh, you know, this is already a very busy, um, month when all the things, uh, all the events are going on and I.

[00:09:59] Jennifer Wilson: Yes, yes.

[00:10:00] Flora Farkas: Hard to keep, uh, the album, uh, going in the meantime.

[00:10:04] Jennifer Wilson: Well, and I think also the work that you might do in November or even October to get ready, um, uh, whether you're doing foundation pages, as they call them, or something else. Can help you kind of get a head start, um, with some things that you know you want to capture. Like maybe you've already purchased gift wrap or, or gifts for your family members. And that didn't happen in December. So you can go ahead and kind of, uh, get started before, as they say, like the month sweeps you away. Because as you said, there's things so busy.

[00:10:40] Flora Farkas: Yeah, That is a really great idea. Thank you very much. I have to write in my Google calendar that in October I have to start to make the founding pages.

[00:10:51] Jennifer Wilson: Yes, yes. So this is a My Way episode because you are our May featured artist at Simple Scrapper. And I'd like to start by asking a question related to our theme for this creative journey. So for May and June, we are talking all about storytelling. So I'm curious what advice you might have for our listeners who want to share more of their stories in their projects.

[00:11:16] Flora Farkas: Okay. Um, so, uh, I have to go back to this event actually, that my father passed away. Because, um, after that, you know, I really started to, um, when I miss him, I just, uh, opened my Google photos, uh, where, um, I made, um, folder just about him. And I collected all the photos about him. Uh, so that I just scroll around. And then, you know what I found out that.

[00:11:45] Flora Farkas: Actually, I'm not checking so much those, um, portrait type of photos when it's just he's smiling into the camera. But all those little things, um, what was captured, um, I don't know, how he's waving to me, how he's eating, how he's, uh, sitting in his favorite armchair. And to be honest, uh, in the past, I never really used this kind of photos on my layout.

[00:12:15] Flora Farkas: Because, um, when you are in a design team, and you have to, um, share your, um, creation on social media, it's really important that everything look nice and composed.

[00:12:30] Flora Farkas: And, uh, then, best what usually to use like a portrait photo, you know, this is really important part of the, the, the layout so that it looks good.

[00:12:40] Flora Farkas: Uh, so I would probably not use those kind of everyday life photos when, you know, in behind it's clutter and maybe it's not so perfect. But, since that happened and I'm looking back at those pictures. I found out that those pictures are even more important than those selfies and portrait photos and somebody just, you know, make the face and smiling to the camera.

[00:13:02] Flora Farkas: So, what I would suggest, um, for Simple Scrappers that they should definitely value more those kind of everyday life pictures and take those pictures with their phone or camera. So maybe even when the family members don't even find out that you are making the photos of them. Because actually those are the real photos what will then tell, the story and tell, those little habits what the other person had.

[00:13:34] Jennifer Wilson: Yes, I, I totally agree. Um, cause we often, uh, trying to like group our family members and let's pose and say, and say hello and, or say cheese. Um, and it is those small moments of somebody acting naturally that connects your memory to that moment. And I, I love those too. And similarly have somewhat overlooked them in the past. Um, what great, great advice for sure. So can you tell us a little bit about how you got started scrapbooking and how your hobby has changed in that time?

[00:14:12] Flora Farkas: So I remember like, it would be yesterday that I was just scrolling one evening, I think it was in 2014, uh, through YouTube. And then I found a video about Sizzix and Kristina Werner. And I just went crazy. Like, I have never heard about anything like Sizzix or die cutting or anything like this in my whole life. And I was shocked. Like, what's that machine, I want this, I, I, I was so into it. I really get so excited, I think I couldn't even sleep that night.

[00:14:50] Flora Farkas: And, uh, actually I started with, uh, card making. But the problem was that here in Slovenia or in Hungary, here in Europe at that time. It was really hard to get those, um, stamps, those big brands, what you in America, you, uh, you were using. And I usually, when I start a new hobby or something to learn, I like to learn, um, by copy.

[00:15:14] Flora Farkas: So I exactly like to copy everything so that I get the feeling. And this is why I wanted to use exactly the same things like Christina in her videos. Uh, but I couldn't really get, uh, those, uh, stamp sets, those, um, those tools. And I got the Sizzix uh, but really it was very hard to get even a dies uh, for that time.

[00:15:37] Flora Farkas: Uh, for the Sizzix. Um, so, I don't know, I was a little bit disappointed. And then, um, I just saw once, uh, one friend on Facebook attended, um, online scrapbooking event. Um, it was a mini album course online and then I also applied and then it was, uh, no stopping for me.


[00:16:01] Flora Farkas: Okay, so, and how it's changed, uh, for me, so, in the beginning I really made, uh, those, um, uh, albums, mini albums. And I made all of them for my family and friends. And, um, I really got into this whole world also that, um, Instagram was quite new. And, uh, then I started to follow the big brand, and Instagram, I discovered that there are design themes. And then I started to blog. So became very active on social media and I made it to some, um, design teams. And I think this really changes really, uh, in one way, the hobby, because then it doesn't became more like a job. And you are not so much creating for yourself and your family. And this is how it changed. But actually I still really love the process of making. Maybe currently it's not so much about memory keeping for me, uh, scrapbooking. But it's more about, uh, like something really, um, special and quality me time and relaxing, what is really good for mental health. So

[00:17:17] Jennifer Wilson: Well, I like that you can identify, um, that maybe your, your purpose or what's driving you right now has changed and that's okay. Um, You are getting things out of it and that's, that's what it's going to keep us connected to it as long as we're getting something out of it, even if that reason might shift over time.

[00:17:38] Flora Farkas: Yeah, but I can also say that right now it's changing again. Because it's completely different to scrapbook when you just have a boyfriend or when you have a whole family. You have a husband and you have a daughter. And I feel like again it becomes more important for me to tell the story. Like I told you that um, I really would like December album. Because just now it's more important to make this for my daughter.

[00:18:04] Jennifer Wilson: I, uh, mine is now 12 and a half. And so I definitely felt the same way when she was little. But I felt that, that pull to, um, slow down time and, and capture things. So I didn't forget anything. So thinking about the way that you're creating nowadays and here in 2024, what sizes or formats are you typically working in and why does that work best for you?

[00:18:27] Flora Farkas: Okay. So for many years, my favorites are the 12 by 12 scrapbook layouts. The reason is because it's really fast to make it. So it depends on the technique what you are using. But it can be done in one hour or it can be maybe in three hours. If I don't know you stitching making hand stitching or I don't know something extra. But it's really fast to make it. And you can try different techniques, different ideas on each page.

[00:19:01] Flora Farkas: You can try different materials, different collections on each page. And I really love this. This is why I switched from making mini albums. Because, um, making mini albums is a huge project. Uh, also, you know, just if you're selecting, I don't know, 50, uh, pictures, editing them and adding them, all of them into your albums.

[00:19:26] Flora Farkas: So it can take really many hours to work on one single, uh, mini album. And this didn't fit me so much. So I, I really, I really just fall in love making layouts.

[00:19:38] Jennifer Wilson: Yes, for sure. I think that, uh, having the variety in products too, because I think you can get, uh, tired of doing a mini album before you finish it sometimes. So, um, are you on any design teams right now and whose products, um, would you buy if you were not on a team?

[00:19:58] Flora Farkas: Okay. Currently I'm not on any design team. Um, uh, after, uh, my daughter born, I, uh, canceled all of them. Because I just couldn't, um, handle the family and all the deadlines. Uh, but yes, there was time when it was in eight design teams in the same time. It was a crazy time. Um, but I have been in, uh, all of the big ones, actually. Crate Paper, Paige Evans, Altenew, American Crafts, Pinkfresh Studio, We Are Memory Keepers.

[00:20:32] Flora Farkas: So I got a lot of experience from there. Um, the most I like the brands is, uh, and the design team was Crate Paper and Pinkfresh Studio. So for sure, these are my favorite brands. And also, uh, love, uh, Pink Paislee. Uh, in the past, um, missing this brand, but even now they are having the new collection after many years.

[00:20:57] Jennifer Wilson: Yes, I saw that.

[00:20:58] Flora Farkas: Simple Stories I also love. Um, and also the Coco Vanilla Studio from Australia. Some more of the modern, fresh, uh, vibe is my style.

[00:21:11] Jennifer Wilson: Florals, of course, too.

[00:21:12] Jennifer Wilson: right? course, yes.

[00:21:15] Jennifer Wilson: So is there something, uh, and maybe this is now a leading question, but what is something that you use or do on most of your pages?

[00:21:22] Flora Farkas: Uh, flowers, flowers for sure. Uh, I love to add, um, I would throw, you know, a whole pack of, uh, die cut flowers on my page. And I also love to fussy cut. Even if they are really small ones, I love to fussy cut them and, uh, add them to my page. And enamel dots, also, I love them. I, I, I love to use them.

[00:21:46] Flora Farkas: So yeah, actually, uh, these two, um, products are my favorites. I like any kind of stickers, actually, and I do love to fussy cut. So if I see a page that is able to fussy cut I will grab my scissor and just cut everything around.

[00:22:02] Jennifer Wilson: Now, you also use a lot of, um, digital die cuts, right?

[00:22:07] Flora Farkas: Uh, yeah, currently not so much. Uh, because now I'm mostly creating for my membership for my online workshops. Uh, but yes, in the past, uh, I did a lot. And also, uh, some of the design team had regulation about this, what we can use. So, but in the past, especially when I was in a Paige Evans design team, I really used a lot of her cut files. And I still love them. Because, you know, cut file is, um, something that is really a good starting point. So when you don't have an idea, you just cut out a giant flower or a heart or, I don't know, a big title, and then you just have to back it with a paper and actually you are done. So this is why I like it, it's also making, uh, the whole process, uh, faster.

[00:22:53] Jennifer Wilson: Oh, yes, for sure. I was also thinking that because you mentioned you had difficulty getting , manual dies to use with your Sizzix, that the cut files, um, maybe were a little bit easier and more accessible for you.

[00:23:07] Flora Farkas: Yeah, definitely I use them a lot more, uh, the, the Silhouette Machine, uh, Sizzix not so much anymore.

[00:23:17] Jennifer Wilson: So when do you typically find the time and energy for scrapbooking, especially with a busy little girl in your house?

[00:23:23] Flora Farkas: Uh, yeah, this is a little bit easier for me because I'm a professional scrapbooker. So actually, um, in my working hours I'm scrapbooking. Um, as I wouldn't really have time because she's going to sleep quite late. Because she's sleeping in the afternoon and after that I have like no energy. During the weekend I like to be with my family. We like to be outside as much as possible. So, yeah, the only time in my working hours.

[00:23:58] Jennifer Wilson: Sure. And do you ever have like a dip in your motivation? How do you stay motivated to, to keep creating even when, you know, life gets crazy?

[00:24:08] Flora Farkas: Yeah, don't tell me, many times, many times I need motivation. Especially, you know, when you are, you have deadlines to fulfill. And actually it's a must to make. It's sometimes really challenging. Uh, so what I do is clean my table. I think this is the number one motivation when you have a clean desk and prepare there, the material, what you're going to use. And this just then start to sparkle. And also maybe I check my old layouts. So I go to my phone or my computer or my Insta feed and I'm checking my old layouts and get some inspiration. Or I go even to Pinterest and check other layouts or maybe I just cut out the cut file.

[00:24:53] Jennifer Wilson: Yes. Now, is there something in scrapbooking that over the past decade or so that you've tried and decided is just not at all for you?

[00:25:02] Flora Farkas: Yeah. Uh, this is mixed media. I have tried. Um, I was also sometimes using maybe some paint, something on my layouts. I even made some canvas. Because I went some courses, uh, in Hungary. And I tried to make using all these, uh, I don't know all the different medias. But, um, this just not for me. And also the same with stamping.

[00:25:29] Flora Farkas: I'm not so much into stamping. I was in, uh, actually in Altenew design team and I love their products. They are really beautiful and, and, um, I love to, uh, see what others making. But when I had to make a completely layout, uh, based on stamps, this was just not, not for me. I really like, uh, the ready products. Like stickers, um, die cuts and all those kind of what is included in a collection. And I just love them. I love those products and I love to work with them.

[00:26:02] Jennifer Wilson: Yes, no, that makes sense. Um, I think sometimes we just want to dive in and not, and not have a risk of, of messing up for sure.

[00:26:11] Flora Farkas: Yeah. I feel like sometimes, you know, those products are already so nice. Why should I ruin my page with something ugly, what I will paint.

[00:26:20] Jennifer Wilson: Yes, you never know where the splatter is going to go. I get that for sure. So do you have any favorite organizing tips or solutions either related to your scrapbook supplies or even just elsewhere in your home?

[00:26:33] Flora Farkas: Yeah. I can give my ideas or my, um, Uh, solution for organizing my, uh, materials. So, uh, I have really a lot of collections also because of the past, I was buying them and then I got a lot from design teams. So one is that, um, I usually, uh, pack, um, the products by collections into plastic bags. And there are one, uh, box dedicated for each manufacturer.

[00:27:03] Flora Farkas: So this is how I keep them together. Uh, only, uh, the Christmas products are separated or they are mixed, all the brands, all the collections. So if I would use them for making cards, I really like to make cards with scrapbooking techniques. So using papers like card stickers. Um, and I usually make Christmas cards.

[00:27:27] Flora Farkas: Um, so, um, yeah, this and, uh, one very important tip, what I didn't do for many years, that please every year or every second year, go through your stash and select what you don't need. Because then you're just hoarding and just collecting so many things. That actually your craft room and your drawers and your boxes are getting full. And then this in the end, just choking you. Uh, and this is a very bad feeling than being in your craft room and it's so crowded. So this is my number one tip to select it from time to time and sell what you don't need anymore or donate it to someone.

[00:28:17] Jennifer Wilson: wonder if that means I don't need four corner rounders anymore.

[00:28:23] Flora Farkas: I don't know, if you use it for each project, maybe it's smart to have on each corner of the room one. But I definitely gathered so much papers and so much collections, that I will never ever use it.

[00:28:39] Jennifer Wilson: For sure. And I, I hear that a lot. Um, so step, stepping back here, where would you like your scrapbooking to be in, in 10 years?

[00:28:48] Flora Farkas: Wow, this is, um, interesting question. I don't really know, to be honest. Um, for sure that I would like to focus more on, uh, documenting our everyday life. I always Uh, wanted to, um, make Project Life more serious. Also, I tried this, um, many years, uh, back. But, um, I really would like to make it. I, I have a dream about making, um, Project Life album.

[00:29:20] Flora Farkas: So that maybe I have a double spread about a month. And then, uh, maybe I make two layouts. It's highlighting maybe two of the best moments of the month. So it could be like a mix of an album with Project Life spreads and like pages. So I really would like to to do this and and really focus more on documenting those small things, those everyday life moments. What can mean a lot in many years later.

[00:29:55] Jennifer Wilson: Yes, for sure. Well, I can't wait to see what you create with that.

[00:30:00] Flora Farkas: Thank you. And

[00:30:01] Flora Farkas: hope that I will manage, thank you.

[00:30:03] Jennifer Wilson: And, and finally, what has being a scrapbooker taught you?

[00:30:07] Flora Farkas: Uh, many things, many things. Uh, for sure number one, how to dress up. Uh, matching, um, the scrapbook collection, what I want to use. This is just a joke, but, yeah, sometimes you have to take care about this. What you, wear if, you know, you will make, um, pictures and at events, what you want to document.

[00:30:33] Flora Farkas: Uh, but for sure, let's say, um, a lot of new skills, especially in, um, photography. Uh, so that, um, I did learn a lot how to take good photos, uh, with my camera and with my phone. So this, and also I still like, uh, even if these days I don't do so much scrapbooking creations for my family. But, I think, uh, I should also do this, um, a lot more because this is really something special to take your time.

[00:31:08] Flora Farkas: And you know, when you're making something for someone, then you actually dedicate those hours, not just for crafting, but for this person. Because in the meantime, you're constantly just thinking about that person that you are making the gift for. And, I think this is also really nice to connect with someone. Even if this is just in one way, this is just one way, uh, because you are making, you are thinking about, but I think. Um, and, and every time, you know, when you give someone a scrapbooking creation, people are so happy and so thankful. Because this is really something special. So this is what scrapbooking taught me, that handmade gifts are so heartwarming and meaningful.

[00:31:52] Jennifer Wilson: Yes. Yes. Well said for sure. I also do want to, um, affirm that you were not the only one that has coordinated their outfits with their scrapbook supplies, or even maybe selected my Christmas card design to make sure it would coordinate with the December Daily collection. So. You're, you're not alone there.

[00:32:17] Flora Farkas: I'm happy to know this.

[00:32:18] Jennifer Wilson: So, Flóra can you share where we can find you online and what you might have new or coming up later this year inside of your membership?

[00:32:27] Flora Farkas: Okay, so I'm the most active on, uh, my Instagram. What is, uh, floramfarkas. . So, uh, you can find me, um, on Instagram. And this year I'm focusing also on my online, um, uh, workshop membership. Uh, because, um, I want to grow this. Um, girls really love it.

[00:32:50] Flora Farkas: It's really, really special to create together with people, um, from all over the world. And, uh, I really enjoy this because actually I made this a little bit for myself, you know, these workshops. Because, uh, I also what we were just talking about, sometimes hard to find the time, the motivation to make. And this is actually keep me going, you know, because I know that I have to do this for other people. And in the meantime, I'm motivating, not just myself, but also for other people. Uh, and it's everything is always easier to do it together than on your own. So I really like this. And as I mentioned you that, um, I want to, um, release my own product. So we will see.

[00:33:39] Jennifer Wilson: Yes. Yes. I can't wait. I can't wait to, to follow your journey, um, as you evolve into whatever comes next. Thanks for spending time with me.

[00:33:49] Flora Farkas: Thank you so much for the invitation. And, uh, I hope that you, uh, got to know me a bit better and all the other Simple Scrappers.

[00:33:59] Jennifer Wilson: Yes, yes, yes. It was, it was certainly a pleasure. And to all of our listeners, please remember that you have permission to scrapbook your way.

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