SYW262 – The Benefits of Showing Up

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Spring is a busy season for memory keepers, as the world beckons us towards outside hobbies, experiences, and celebrations. In this episode I’m chatting with Simple Scrapper team members Peggy Collins and Amy Zwart about our current interests and how we’re showing up for creative experiences. We highlight suggestions for staying connected when life is busy, including how we use accountability in the Simple Scrapper community to support ourselves as well as our members.

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[00:01:18] Jennifer Wilson: Welcome to Scrapbook Your Way, the show that explores the breadth of ways to be a memory keeper today. I’m your host, Jennifer Wilson, owner of Simple Scrapper and author of The New Rules of Scrapbooking. This is episode 262. In this episode I’m catching up with Peggy Collins and Amy Zwart about our personal creative experiences. Plus, we share a peek at what’s happening inside of the Simple Scrapper membership community.

[00:01:48] Jennifer Wilson: Hey, Amy. Hey, Peggy. Welcome back to Scrapbook Your Way.

[00:01:51] Peggy Collins: Hi.

[00:01:52] Amy Zwart: Hi, Jennifer.

[00:01:53] Jennifer Wilson: I am, as always, looking forward to chatting with you both on this episode. Um, these are, of course, some of our most popular episodes because we tend to just go into all the things, share personal insights, and of course, what's new at Simple Scrapper. Um, but for our listeners who may not have heard you on the show before, can you share a little bit about yourself?

[00:02:16] Jennifer Wilson: Amy, why don't you go first?

[00:02:17] Amy Zwart: Sure. I live in Minnesota, so right now we are in the spring, welcoming the spring season. Um, and I have two kids, a 16 year old son and a 10, almost 11 year old daughter. I'm married and we have, uh, A Beagle pup that hopefully won't make any appearances tonight.

[00:02:38] Jennifer Wilson: And it's okay. If he does. So.

[00:02:40] Jennifer Wilson: Peggy, what about you?

[00:02:42] Peggy Collins: Yep, I'm Peggy. I live in Colorado in the Denver metro area, and I'm married to Doug, and I've lived here my whole life. I'm also looking forward to spring in our neck of the woods.

[00:02:55] Jennifer Wilson: Yes, yes, yes. So what, how, how close are you to spring yet? We had, yesterday was like 87 here.

[00:03:03] Peggy Collins: Whoa! Yowza!

[00:03:05] Jennifer Wilson: Not even very Midwestern spring. So

[00:03:08] Peggy Collins: Right. Yeah, we had, it was very nice. Um, we've had some very, very nice days and then yesterday was kind of, today's super windy. Yesterday was super windy. We get a lot of high winds this time of year. Which is pretty much my least favorite, uh, weather pattern in the world. But it's supposed to be, I was looking at the weather for next week. It's supposed to get quite warm. We're supposed to be up in the upper seventies, eighties next week, which is a little early.

[00:03:32] Jennifer Wilson: Yes.

[00:03:33] Peggy Collins: Dry here if it gets that hot this early.

[00:03:35] Jennifer Wilson: Yes. I feel like there's certain, we've kind of skipped actual spring, it was cold and now it's hot.

[00:03:43] Peggy Collins: Here we go. Right.

[00:03:45] Amy Zwart: And we, we probably have what's feels a little normal. We did have some, a little bit warmer days than usual, but we're kind of holding it like sixties, I would say. And then now we've had a couple of rainy days, which feels very spring like as well. And it's greening everything up like crazy. Like it's amazing how just an hour of rain can do it, but now we've had two days of rain.

[00:04:07] Jennifer Wilson: Yes. I would love a nice like 60 to 65 degree day. That'd be lovely.

[00:04:14] Peggy Collins: Yeah.

[00:04:17] Amy Zwart: Yes.

[00:04:17] Jennifer Wilson: All right. So let's chat about what is exciting you right now, both in everyday life and in scrapbooking. Uh, while you guys think about what yours are, I'll just dive in. Um, in scrapbooking, I am super excited to do a Week In The Life project for the very first time. And by project, I specifically mean an album.

[00:04:37] Jennifer Wilson: I've actually documented Week in the Life almost every single year, if not every year since 2010. But I've never done an album. And so this year, I bought a bunch of the products and have it all, well, I have it partially set up and I'm excited to dive in with the community.

[00:04:54] Amy Zwart: What's making you want to do the full album this year? Like what, what brought on the change for you? I'm just curious.

[00:05:02] Jennifer Wilson: You You know, I think it was some of the conversations that I had here on the podcast. Um, I think, uh, Steph Grimes in particular, we've had a lot of like project focused conversations recently. And just like hearing the, the, the passion and enthusiasm and how important this project is and the, the depth that they put into it. Um, made me look at it in a new way.

[00:05:28] Jennifer Wilson: Because I've always got done kind of more of a, a perhaps a little bit more surficial, like here's, you know, 15 photos of the day and some notes of, of what the day looks like. But it wasn't, there wasn't the depth to it. And so I guess I'm excited to, to dive in and add that story richness as well as of course, play with some fun products to do it.

[00:05:51] Amy Zwart: Yeah. That's awesome.

[00:05:53] Jennifer Wilson: And then the non scrapbooking thing I think is, I am, how do I say this? I am becoming a sporty spectator. Like I came at this kind of backwards and that I didn't really grow up being an athlete. Um, but having a kid who is in sports year round now, I've started to really enjoy it, get into it. I actually, I had a sore throat for a couple days during volleyball regionals because I was screaming so loud. And I even watched basketball, both women's and men's during the NCAA tournament.

[00:06:30] Jennifer Wilson: And I'm like, what is happening to me? Um, but it's, yeah, it's fun to, um, connect with others who like similar things. And, yeah, just to have a new perspective on it. So, trying to just, uh, cheer for all the sports ball.

[00:06:48] Peggy Collins: Fun.

[00:06:49] Amy Zwart: Yay.

[00:06:50] Jennifer Wilson: All right, Peggy.

[00:06:51] Jennifer Wilson: Yes. What's going on in your world?

[00:06:55] Peggy Collins: Let's see. So for scrapbooking, we, uh, the Scrapbook Expo is coming to Denver. So that's, uh, registration actually opened today. Uh, so we have a group from the Simple Scrapper community coming. Some of them coming from out of town and then some of the more local folks joining us. So I'm really excited to get a chance to hang out with everybody. Um, I think that'll be really fun. I'm going to actually go stay at a hotel in my hometown, so I don't have to drive across town every night.

[00:07:23] Jennifer Wilson: I love that.

[00:07:24] Peggy Collins: It'll feel like a little vacation. Yeah. Yeah, that'll be good. And then not scrapbooking. I'm just really having a lot of fun with my 24 in 24 list. Um, sometimes those things start and I kind of fall by the wayside and I don't really engage with them. But for several reasons, partly because we're kind of triggering accountability in the community.

[00:07:45] Peggy Collins: And I've got it so that it's sort of in my, um, on my focus more often. So it's helping me to choose things like, remember that I wanted to go to see the tulips. So I looked up the botanic gardens this week and I had not been online very much this weekend. And they posted this weekend that they were starting to be in full bloom.

[00:08:05] Peggy Collins: So then it's a matter of figuring out when we could go down there. But that is, um, it's driving those sorts of things. They're the things that I would like to be doing. And so it just is always that nudge to kind of keep going with that. So that's been really fun this year. I hadn't done it for, I think I hadn't done it for at least three years.

[00:08:24] Peggy Collins: It might have been even more. Um, but for whatever reason this year, it appealed to me and I hopped on it and it's going really well.

[00:08:31] Jennifer Wilson: I love that. And I, I think when you have items on the list that have some time boundaries that can be a really like powerful encouragement. Because if it's something you could do anytime that's much easier to put off then seeing the tulips is not something that you can put off except for.

[00:08:50] Peggy Collins: Yep. It will be gone. So it's working really well this year.

[00:08:56] Amy Zwart: I love that. And I noticed that on my list, some of the fun things have been checked off and some of the more work projects types of things are a little lagging. So I'm like, okay, might have to do, you know, do two of these and then earn one of those kind of incentives. But.

[00:09:14] Peggy Collins: We're only four months in. It's all good.

[00:09:16] Amy Zwart: A fun project. List though. Yeah. Yeah, exactly.

[00:09:20] Jennifer Wilson: So Amy, what about you on your, um, excitements list right now?

[00:09:24] Amy Zwart: Um, I have to say mine is reading. And in kind of a fun way, um, April in the membership posted, um, I believe it's called the Book Girls Guide. And they were doing a challenge called in case you missed it. And so they went back to, I think it started in 2012 or 2013 and they gave a whole, you know, list of books that were popular or that,

[00:09:52] Amy Zwart: you know, for some reason, you know, made the list. Um, and to just pick one or two books each month, um, each month and the year changes. And those are prime, like, you know, my daughter was born in 2013. I either did, like, you know, chunks of reading or I did no reading, right? So partially to like just look at the list and say, Oh, I did read a couple of those.

[00:10:17] Amy Zwart: That's good. Or yes, I remember I wanted to read that book and I haven't thought of it. You know, no one else is reading it right now, so it doesn't come up. And so just having a chance to revisit that has been fun. And to kind of have it as, you know, again, kind of in the same vein as the 24 in 2024, like it's, it's guiding me to read more and to not say that it has to be some spectacular, you know, deep history book or something.

[00:10:44] Amy Zwart: It'd just be for fun and relaxing and spend more time with a book instead of on screens. And, um, so that's been, that's been a fun add to my year I must say.

[00:10:56] Jennifer Wilson: Oh, for sure. And then what about your scrappy life?

[00:10:59] Amy Zwart: And in scrappy Life I kind of have some overlapping things that are happening. Um, in the membership we're doing the Story Kit challenge or collab. So I've been looking through some of my Ali Edwards story kits and trying to pull story ideas, but then I've also kind of come across other story ideas that are in a way kind of like their own theme. You know, like there's a theme where there's like four or five stories that I want to tell about that.

[00:11:28] Amy Zwart: So I've been putting some kind of page kits together or just, you know, even a little bit of journaling or documenting. And those, those pages aren't getting made yet, but I feel like I'm kind of setting myself up for success in having supplies ready and maybe the journaling or, you know, the basis of the story.

[00:11:47] Amy Zwart: So that's been exciting. And, um, I'm going to try to participate in the, the other collab of the Start Here class from Ali Edwards as well. That's starting in May. And so I think having some of these stories ready has made me think, well, maybe that will make that project a little more successful too. So, um, and I'm also doing Week in the Life, like you, um, I don't feel like I tell as maybe as deep of stories in that project, but I still like having the day to day captured in that. So everything kind of overlapping, but feeling like I have a good basis for scrapbooking again, instead of like, Oh, what am I going to work on? So.

[00:12:26] Jennifer Wilson: I think those overlaps can be really beneficial when you can feel like everything you're doing is not just moving one tiny thing forward, but really just like moving everything forward. So yeah, I can't wait to see all the things that you create.

[00:12:39] Amy Zwart: Yay.

[00:12:39] Jennifer Wilson: So, of course, we have to talk about our bucket lists, and these are our specific memory keeping bucket lists before we go on to other discussion topics. Um, who wants to go first? Who has a story they have not yet told but really, really want to?

[00:12:56] Amy Zwart: I have one. Mine came up because of what I was just talking about, kind of pulling some stories and looking at things. And my husband and kids, when they were pretty little, used to go to Home Depot and do these kids workshop projects. And they literally set up like a big sheet of plywood as the table and then they turn over the orange buckets as like little stools. And the kids get to you know, nail, nail pieces of wood together, paint it, you know, sometimes there's screws or, you know, some other little piece to do. But make these little projects.

[00:13:31] Amy Zwart: And I, I think that was like the first Saturday of the month or something for a long time. And so they didn't go to one every month necessarily. But they went frequently enough and I went sometimes. Um, but they were always so proud of what they made. And, um, the action shots are hilarious. And so now, like I said, my kids are 16 and 10, but they were like, you know, four when they started doing these. Or my daughter, maybe even a little earlier could tag along with. Uh, we even have pictures of her sitting in the bucket, like we turned, you know, the, the bucket over and like put her in there. And she's kind of like, she couldn't really stand. So, so I actually went through photos and the hardest part will be narrowing them down. Um, but trying to do like a, through the years, you know, compilation with all those photos. And, you know, it's not heavy on the story as far as like each day. But it's an overall story of, you know, this was something they used to do. And we even have a really funny one that in COVID then they didn't do it because he couldn't get together. So my husband set it up and we made bird houses here.

[00:14:34] Jennifer Wilson: Oh, that's fun.

[00:14:35] Amy Zwart: We had our own

[00:14:36] Peggy Collins: Oh, wow.

[00:14:37] Amy Zwart: We called them like shelter at home houses, or something. I don't remember the name of it, but. Because they earned little pins then and they had these aprons that Home Depot would give them. A new little pin for them. And so we had little pins made to put on there and everything for for a little one at home. So, that one might have to be its own little insert in that story. But, um, uh, I feel like that's one. I struggle with the through the year stories because I always feel like, well, what if we're not done doing that? Or what if there's more or whatever? And this one feels like, even if, you know, if my daughter went again, you know, that's fine. It's, it's showing that she did this, you know, since she was two or whatever until, until now. So.

[00:15:21] Jennifer Wilson: Now, Amy, do you recall if we chatted about this during one of our Zoom crops or am I remembering having this conversation with somebody else?

[00:15:30] Amy Zwart: That's funny because I, I feel like that's kind of a newer idea for me on this story, but maybe not. Maybe it's one that came back around to me.

[00:15:40] Jennifer Wilson: Because I have no idea who I was talking to, but I, I actually feel like maybe another podcast guest brought up the same story. Because Emily did that as well. And it's just so interesting how something like that, that's simple, um, can be, you know, a really like cherished memory, um, of childhood.

[00:16:02] Amy Zwart: Yeah. And I, I think like it, it's just cool how proud of it they were too. You know, like it was, especially when they were really young, sometimes it was just as exciting for me to be like, see you. Bye.

[00:16:14] Peggy Collins: Right.

[00:16:14] Amy Zwart: Right. And have my own little mom time for an hour. but coming home they were always so proud to show me what they did. And a lot of times the paint was still wet or they've got paint on them.

[00:16:23] Jennifer Wilson: Oh, of course.

[00:16:23] Amy Zwart: Whatever. And it was just like, you know, here it is. And, um, it, it wasn't super hard for me to get rid of some of those projects through the years. But they've, hung onto them. I know my daughter still has this wooden eagle in her room, for example. You know, and I think I have some Mother's Day like potted plant things or, uh, you know, little holders.

[00:16:45] Amy Zwart: So yeah, I think you're right that there's something, like simple about it. But yet, you know, good memories. And my daughter, I'd be remiss to not mention whenever they were, they would do pounding with the hammer and nails. My daughter always called it knocking. I want to do knocking.

[00:17:03] Peggy Collins: That's cute.

[00:17:05] Amy Zwart: That of course we'll have to.

[00:17:06] Jennifer Wilson: That's funny.

[00:17:07] Amy Zwart: But you know, it was just this loud mess of kids knocking on plywood.

[00:17:12] Jennifer Wilson: Yep. Yep. All right. Peggy, what about your bucket list story?

[00:17:16] Peggy Collins: Yeah, I was thinking, um, mine are often about my parents. So, um, I think my dad was very involved with, um, uh, a group at church called, well, it, it's official name was the Holy Name Society, but everybody called it, us included, men's Club. Um, and so there's several different stories that are associated with that.

[00:17:39] Peggy Collins: Like he, received the man of the year award that they awarded every year. And that was kind of a big deal. And he was the treasurer for decades. And we both worked being the, you know, Catholic church bingo is, was a big thing. Um, and so we both worked there Sunday bingo once a month. I worked that for all the way. From I think, I don't know how old I was, not very old when they started letting me do that. Probably 10 or 12 or something. And we did that all the way through my high school years. So I think it would be kind of fun to have just a little compilation of those little stories, um, about Men's Club for my dad. So I think that's, I tried to do one for each of them every year. And so I think that will be the one for him this year.

[00:18:27] Jennifer Wilson: Love that. And I love that kind of that simple structure you have. Um, that we can make progress over time by making those those small goals of one story per per person there per year.

[00:18:41] Peggy Collins: Yeah, I try to make one for each of them and then one for myself, at least a year.

[00:18:46] Jennifer Wilson: Like.

[00:18:46] Peggy Collins: Do three a year. Um, since I did a whole bunch of them when you first, when you did the first round. And then the year we did, um, 20 and 20 with Stacey, I did many, um, as part of that, but now I just kind of chip away at them, um, once a year so that I get a little bit of something.

[00:19:05] Jennifer Wilson: For sure.

[00:19:07] Amy Zwart: And is that, is that something that you have photos specifically for?

[00:19:11] Peggy Collins: I don't think so. Yeah. It'll probably. Yeah, I'll have to see if I can, I can probably find at least a family photo from that era. My mom was pretty good about taking us for the Olin Mills family portraits. I don't know that I have a picture of just him. I certainly have, I'm sure, something of him and my mom. How about you Jennifer?

[00:19:34] Jennifer Wilson: Know, I was really thinking about this. I didn't have anything in advance and I tend to bring up things about my grandparents because I think there's so much there that I've yet to document.

[00:19:45] Jennifer Wilson: Um, recently I discovered that, uh, there's a new archive of Michigan newspapers. Like the big newspapers have been done for a long time, but there's this project through one of the universities where they're doing a lot of the small town newspapers. And so there's this small town newspaper that my actually, my parents still get mailed to them in Texas. Um, from this town in, uh, Pawpaw, Michigan.

[00:20:11] Jennifer Wilson: It's called the Courier Leader. Um, and it was the Courier Northerner up until like 1960 or something. And they are fully archived going back to I think 1920. And all I did is like search my maiden name, Sjolin, and there were just, there were like 238 results. And it was just, It was so fascinating to see, like, my dad and my uncle. Um, well, my dad, it was a lot of, like, uh, golf results of, like, the local golf league. Uh, for my grandma was bowling, for my uncle was scouts. Um, but the, some of the most fascinating ones were, like, you know, Mrs. Nell Sjolin hosted tea at her house on Sunday. I mean, like, these are just, like, gems of everyday life. So I kind of want to do some sort of, I want to just find out, I'm going to compile all of these and kind of do a, I don't know if it's like a Week In The Life, Project Life. But just try to do like a slice of life based on these anecdotes from the newspaper. Um, to try to kind of reconstruct what was going on during various decades in my family's life. So I don't know exactly how I want to do it, but I know that I don't want to lose all these nuggets from these, the newspaper clipping. So I need to somehow compile it into something, a layout or a mini book or something.

[00:21:36] Amy Zwart: Yeah, there's a lot of treasures, it sounds like. And our newspaper just announced that it's, that it's ending. So it's like our local city one, but also, you know, they were the publisher for a bunch of them around here. And, um, so I grew up with one, you know, from the same place and they just announced their last edition will be coming. So we're, um, kind of crazy timing, you know, to think about having something out there from so long ago.

[00:22:03] Jennifer Wilson: Yes, yes, yes. It's, uh, the newspaper industry is so, um, fascinating how things have changed, and I hope, I hope we don't lose that altogether. So as, as, as the world continues to evolve.

[00:22:20] Peggy Collins: Right? Yeah.

[00:22:22] Jennifer Wilson: So these episodes are very much like the heart of them is what is new inside of the Simple Scrapper community, and more broadly at Simple Scrapper. And of course, uh, the podcast is kind of the, the main thing we're doing week after week, to, to help our broader community stay connected with scrapbooking.

[00:22:42] Jennifer Wilson: But I'd love to like dive right in and share some recent member wins. So I'd love to hear kind of what you have noticed, um, what kind of successes or baby steps, big wins that you have seen in the community. Um, Peggy, you want to go first?

[00:23:00] Peggy Collins: Uh, sure. Yeah. I think, um, Finishing Day again was just a really big victory during this, um, uh, journey. I thought that we just see so, so many people really figure out a way to get something across the finish line. It feels good to see people getting, you know, pretty recent December Dailies done. Things like that, that are, uh, always, sort of at risk of being that unfinished object in your collection.

[00:23:31] Peggy Collins: So it's always fun to see people really able to leverage that time and that energy to get things clear across the finish line. Um, and just a lot of activity in the community and in chat and things like that. So that's always fun. And I actually got to work on Finishing Day this year or this, uh, journey.

[00:23:52] Peggy Collins: Uh, a lot of times it doesn't work out in my calendar, but this time it did. So that was super fun too. I can't even remember what I did.

[00:23:58] Jennifer Wilson: Well, and the, the session that you led on memorabilia seemed to really resonate with a lot of people. And, um.

[00:24:05] Peggy Collins: Yeah. That was Bash.

[00:24:08] Jennifer Wilson: We had, Oh, correct.

[00:24:10] Peggy Collins: Yeah.

[00:24:10] Jennifer Wilson: Confusing all of our, our fun events. Cause I think we've been having some great conversations recently about, um, like I try to ask at the beginning of an event, what is a recent win that you've had and to just, to make this part of our conversational culture. And just to hear the successes is so, I guess affirming for what we do. Whether it's, you know, you got a group of photos imported or your memorabilia from 2017 sorted. You're able to kind of put some boundaries around it and say, okay, yay, I did this. I moved forward. I , I took a step.

[00:24:44] Peggy Collins: Yeah, definitely.

[00:24:46] Jennifer Wilson: Amy, is there anything in particular you've noticed?

[00:24:48] Amy Zwart: Yeah, I was gonna say, it's always great to hear, you know, when other people have, have crossed the finish line, as you say, or just, you know, made progress on something. So, a couple of them that I have, um, on the, on the heels with the Stash Bash discussion. Shannon was able to create five layouts from one kit, and she generally has been doing photo books lately. So that, you know, little project that you ran or session that you ran, Jennifer, got her back to actually creating. And she said she ended up kind of having five different topics, but she ended up doing them all on the same topic. She had some past pets that she documented and I thought it was really cool to hear that she stepped away from her normal right now. And let herself just play. She was kind of overwhelmed by like, Oh, how do I go pick sketches or how do I do these things? But she said, she just used the sketches that Jennifer did and made it happen. So I was super impressed, kind of talked to her on crops. If she was going to try it or what she was going to do. And then the next time I saw her, she had completed them. So that was an awesome win to hear about.

[00:25:57] Jennifer Wilson: That's amazing.

[00:25:58] Amy Zwart: And then I also wanted to mention, Linda talked about Aligned and the Aligned project. And I almost use this, as my own what's exciting me right now. Cause I've really enjoyed the process and the project so far this year. But Linda talked about the prompts are making her journal, and write a little deeper and writing past stories. So, it's giving her a sense of play. But that documenting the past story, she said, it's just really pulling something out of her that has been fun and interesting.

[00:26:27] Amy Zwart: And, you know, it's a little bit of, this is what's happening now, but it reminds me of and linking, you know, to the past. So I think that's been really fun to watch what she's made and just kind of see her having fun with it too.

[00:26:41] Jennifer Wilson: This, this project has surprised me so much. So if, for those who haven't, who didn't listen to our previous episode, um, and I will link it below where I chatted with Helen about Aligned. But what we are doing is, um, we are doing a, either a project for the whole year or a project per season. And it could be in whatever kind of format you want it to be.

[00:27:04] Jennifer Wilson: And it just consists of, 12 to 13 prompts per season, depending on the number of weeks in the season. And they are very simple prompts. Um, we share a variety of options of possible ways you could complete them. But of course you are free to, to go your own way. And it's just been so fascinating to see, um, members accept permission to, to do it their own way, to explore things from a different perspective.

[00:27:31] Jennifer Wilson: Um, and I just think the kind of simplicity and minimalist nature of it has, uh, fostered so much creativity that I, I didn't expect. And I'm just excited to, to see how it continues to unfold.

[00:27:45] Amy Zwart: I think it has me looking around differently too, like, Oh, I bet they're going to ask about signs of spring. Like I should be watching for things, you

[00:27:52] Jennifer Wilson: Oh, exactly.

[00:27:53] Amy Zwart: Me like really and feeling truly more aligned because of that. Right. Like literally that's the goal of the project and it's, it's working. Because I'm like, Ooh, today I was trying to get photos of rain.

[00:28:08] Peggy Collins: Of rain.

[00:28:08] Amy Zwart: I was like, I don't really like photograph rain. I don't know. Like I, but I think I got some.

[00:28:14] Peggy Collins: Cool.

[00:28:15] Jennifer Wilson: What's funny is that I remember this was two weekends ago. I got out my big camera and I'm like, Oh, I need to do a photo walk. Cause I know that they, quote unquote, they, meaning me and Helen. Are going to ask about signs of spring. And I didn't remember exactly like when that type of prompt was going to come up and I'm like, Oh, I need to get out and take some photos. Cause I know this is coming. So I had the same, the kind of same experience that you did, even though I'm wrote the prompts. So.

[00:28:46] Peggy Collins: It's been a while, apparently.

[00:28:48] Amy Zwart: I love it.

[00:28:49] Jennifer Wilson: Well, and I just, you know, we, that's, it's a kind of an isolated work activity and it's different to be consuming it as the student as well. Um, it's kind of like two different mind sets.

[00:29:03] Amy Zwart: Right?

[00:29:03] Jennifer Wilson: For it.

[00:29:04] Peggy Collins: Yeah.

[00:29:05] Amy Zwart: It has been very energizing and has given me permission to play a little bit differently than I would in my Project Life album, too. And I don't mean to say I've done every prompt or, you know, everything's ready, but even sometimes just documenting some

[00:29:20] Amy Zwart: information for in there has been nice too. So I've had fun with it.

[00:29:24] Jennifer Wilson: Good. I love it. Yeah. I love all the different ways that, um, members are exploring it and taking it on and making it their own. It's really fun. Um, one of the things that really stood out to me was we have a member who retired recently and she really wanted to kind of reset her scrapbooking. You know, her space or photo library, her stash. And she is using Peggy's strategy of counting hours that she is spending in her craft room, and she logged 43 hours for March. And I was just, I was so impressed by that.

[00:29:57] Peggy Collins: Whoa.

[00:29:59] Jennifer Wilson: Just the dedication she had to let's dive in and let's really feel like, um, I am reconnecting with my hobby. And I know what's important to me. Um, so that I can, you know, use this new found additional time well. I was, I was really impressed by that.

[00:30:18] Peggy Collins: That's awesome.

[00:30:19] Amy Zwart: I agree. That's a, that's a fun win. And I know she's done a lot of, you know, like you said, different parts of the hobby. And so photo management has been on her list as well. And you know, she's, she's used other members like in crops and different things to ask questions and just kind of bounce ideas off of. Like, as she's kind of thinking of it in a new way. So I do feel like she is showing up and here for it all right now. And I love it. That's, those are the best kinds of successes.

[00:30:47] Jennifer Wilson: Yes. Yes. That's, that's what I love so much about our community is that we can, support and guide and, you know, share advice and our own lessons learned from things that didn't go well. As we're, we're on our each individual journeys towards, you know, whatever is our own priority.

[00:31:04] Amy Zwart: And, one other, um, win, member win, I'm going to call it. Um, I think it was last time on the podcast, I had come to the realization that photo management wasn't happening for me. And I couldn't figure out what else I could do about it, and I decided to do a weekly check in. And just give myself something, you know, I need to do something so I can post that I've done something. And the amount of people participating in that has blown me away. And quite consistently, I would say. Um, and sometimes, you know, we're just going through the last 30 photos that we have or the last week of photos or, you know, any number of, you know, smaller tasks. To some people have done giant photo management things. And so that's been a great, you know, come be part of the team kind of movement that has been really, successful and fun to, fun to be a part of. And, you know, there's that little part of me that still dreads it, but then I say, well, I have to do something. Or I'll have nothing to say, and sometimes I'm doing it the day the post goes up, but hey, it's happening. So, so I feel like I'm in a much better place with photo management and consistency.

[00:32:19] Amy Zwart: But I also, like I said, realized this has definitely been what other people were looking forward to. And, you know, Peggy also has a crop, which I know, Lots of people have been using and go to. And, you know, there's no need to go to the crop and post if you don't need the accountability kind of in a double way. You know, you're more than open to do that,

[00:32:38] Amy Zwart: but, um, you know, and we've talked about sometimes it feels like a duplicate post. Because, you know, if you counted that already in your weekly thing and I said, that's fine. So, you know, do what works for you. If you want to mention it on Friday as well. That's fine, but I needed it to be specifically called out because otherwise I was ignoring photo management tasks.


[00:33:00] Jennifer Wilson: You know, I love such a great example of , a champion will lead the way. And, um, it just takes that one nudge to, to move everyone forward. So thank you, Amy, for, um, recognizing that need and, and leading the charge.

[00:33:16] Amy Zwart: Yeah, absolutely. Like I said, I'm just glad so many people were there with me and have been enjoying it as well.

[00:33:22] Jennifer Wilson: Yeah, it's wonderful.

[00:33:23] Amy Zwart: Yes.

[00:33:24] Peggy Collins: So I think it's really great when you can look at an accountability effort and refine it. Either for yourself or for the community at large. That you had a lot of accountability already in place, Amy, but you recognize that it wasn't working for photo management. It's clearly working in a lot of other ways.

[00:33:45] Peggy Collins: You were moving other stuff forward, but that one thing wasn't working. And so that that idea that we can refine and iterate on different accountability techniques, that will work in different ways for different things. And the laundry of scrapbooking being one of those things that probably needs a little bit higher level of accountability. Because it is so easy to put it off. Because it is the thing that could be done anytime but never gets done kind of thing. So I think it's really helpful when we find those levers that we can pull. Um, and for me, I know that sometimes I have to change the accountability because it stops working. Which is super exasperating for me. But like, come on, Peggy, could you just stick with it? But there's just times that I'm like, Oh, no, I'm going to have to raise the accountability on that.

[00:34:34] Peggy Collins: And sometimes I can loosen it, right? Like right now, exercise is going great. So I don't feel like I need, so much to be standing on top of myself with outside accountability. Like for whatever reason it's working. It's not going to work forever. I know it's not going to work forever and that I'm going to have to go pull another lever and use another method or whatever that is.

[00:34:55] Peggy Collins: So I think that's, that's awesome that you recognized it and then found something that's working, not only for you, but for a bunch of other people too. That's really cool.

[00:35:04] Amy Zwart: Right. Yeah. Thank you.

[00:35:06] Jennifer Wilson: Well, I think it also underscores the maturity and seasoned wisdom of what we do in the community. That not even just every year, but we are constantly, always refining and listening and paying attention. And trying to add things, change things, even sometimes, move things aside, archive them, let them go. So that we are best supporting what is needed in a very specific way. Um, yeah, it's just, it, it takes the, that, the, these long term relationships, um, to, to make that happen. And the trust that we've, we've built, you know, in the community and between each other.

[00:35:47] Peggy Collins: Yep.

[00:35:47] Amy Zwart: Right

[00:35:49] Jennifer Wilson: This other huge win, um, is that Amy invested so much time into updating our sketch library by adding more than 50 different hashtag categories. Um, and it's just, it's so incredible. So, so to back up, we, uh, have released, um, three to eight sketches and digital templates per month or every other month. For many years since what, 2010? Um, so we're in the 700s now of our numbers. And they were previously only tagged by number of photos. And which was great. But we had so many members and even myself included wanted to be able to narrow them down by other parameters. Um, and this kind of, it was because it was such a big endeavor, it kept getting put off, and Amy finally said, okay, hey, I will, I am, I am eager to help with this. And so we just released it to our members and I'm, I'm so excited to let you brag about it and, and share kind of what, how that, how the decision making process went and, um, how we made sure that the parameters were the ones that were going to be the ones members wanted.

[00:37:09] Amy Zwart: Yeah, I think. I mean, this might sound so weird, but on one hand, it was like an honor to do this. That was 700 sketches I got to look at and like, drool over while I did it, right? Like, it makes me want to use sketches so much more. And just, I just use all these hashtags now myself to find, you know, find things that will work for my own projects. Because there are some amazing things out there that, you know, if you don't revisit it that frequently, you know, you kind of forget it's out there.

[00:37:40] Amy Zwart: And I even saw, you, know, there were some Spark magazines that brought me back to a different time, right? I was like, Oh, I remember reading that at the beach you're at, wherever, you know, it was like, I remember this one. Super fun. Yeah, super fun little trip down memory lane for some of it. But also just the amount of them that I didn't really recognize or know, like they felt brand new to me.

[00:38:02] Amy Zwart: So, you know, it is easy to miss something in a pile of 700 items, right? So, um, but looking through It for sure, what I tried to do at first was take what felt logical. Like okay, four by sixes, that's a common size, let's look for that. But what happened while I did it was I realized other things that were more common than, than I thought they would be. You know, there's a lot of the sketches use a lot of smaller photos. Um, you know, and not necessarily just on sketches that have, you know, 10 or more photos. But, um, just as the little side photos that go with something. Um, so that was interesting to see. And, you know, probably less enlargements overall versus, you know, the tinier photos.

[00:38:53] Amy Zwart: So, um, just kind of seeing what was out there to be able to, you know, parse it by as well. Um, another topic that always came up was the orientation of the photos. Because sometimes you have the photos in front of you and you know, you can't make this, you know, go the other way kind of with it. You know, this is a vertical to be. And, you know, so then when you find those sketches that don't have that, you're like, ah, it's so close, but I can't get it to work.

[00:39:21] Amy Zwart: So being able to sort out, you know, based on the, the orientation of the photo. I think will be helpful to a lot of people. um, so just kind of looking at things, you know, in different ways, you know, page size, photo sizes, um, different things that come up more frequently, like a grid type of layout. Um, although I will point out that one was like, kind of tricky for me for a while. Like, I was like, does the whole page have to be a grid or just a grid on the page? Or, you know, sometimes a grid, you could start with a grid, but then it kind of, you know, becomes like a messy grid, if you will. So then does that count anymore? And so that one, got maybe redone a couple of times or like relooked at.

[00:40:06] Amy Zwart: So if anyone has any, you know, anything to point out on that, feel free to let me know. But, um, I still think overall, that's still a cool category to go look at and see. You know, and again, the point of a sketch is to give you a place to start and you may not stay there. So if it starts with, you know, kind of laying it out in that grid and then you decide to change it to

[00:40:28] Amy Zwart: something. Um, you know, the sketch still helped you get there. So I think that part is what's fun about it too. Is, you know, and then all the samples that are, with the sketches as well are, you know, that just looking at them, it's obvious, Oh Yeah.

[00:40:43] Amy Zwart: I could change this, or I could do two horizontal, uh, four by sixes in that space of an enlarged vertical photo. Or, you know, just the, the creative team has done such a great job with, you know, making it their own and giving us ideas for how to make it our own as well. So yeah, I'm excited to play around with it more. Um, I especially want to, try a little bit more experimenting with pulling more than one hashtag as well. I know, um, that said, you know, that was working well for her. Um, I'm not sure if it's going to be the exact results you want, but it can maybe at least get you a lot closer. than before. So

[00:41:23] . One other big topic I was going to say is the amount of journaling that you can add to a page. So that one got tricky too because defining large journaling, it was, yeah, like, well, what, what is a lot? And then to compare it to things, and, you know, we have a lot of beautiful sketches that really don't have room for journaling. And it doesn't mean that you can't make a space for it and add your own. But, you know, there's also, you know, some where the photo is the main character or, you know, the title says enough. So, um, so I kind of broke that down into two types of journaling. You know, one is just there's a little bit on the page and then the other one, I think I ended up kinda naming it extra large journaling. That there's, you know, a lot more space or multiple cards of journaling or things that way. So again, if you know you have a big story, that, you know, this isn't going to fit on a on a three by four card, then let's start by looking at some of the layouts that have, you know, and some of them are no photo layouts too. You know, that it's all journaling, but the way it's arranged differently is fun to see. And, who knew there were so many ways you could put words on the page, right?

[00:42:34] Peggy Collins: Right. It's awesome. I'm really excited about the page, the layout sizes. Because that's always, been challenging for me to use our, uh, library. Because a lot of them are six by eight or something like that. And I, or you know, just sizes that I don't use. So it'll be really helpful to be able to narrow it down by that page size. I think that's going to be great.

[00:42:55] Jennifer Wilson: Yes. Well, it's just highlighted that we are all, we all look at, look for these things in different ways. Um, that there's not like one best way. And yes, I think the, the number of photos was the low hanging fruit, the way we could enter into this a number of years ago. But now we're really trying to meet the needs of whether your mind changes over time in terms of depending on what you have in front of you or what you want to do. Or even just how your personality works in terms of how you think about what type of sketch you're looking for. Because there's some that wouldn't, that the page size doesn't matter. They're just looking for like how things are related to one another. And others are looking for very specific number of photos and photo sizes. So everyone is so, so different in what they're, what they're seeking with their sketches.

[00:43:45] Amy Zwart: Right.

[00:43:46] Jennifer Wilson: But yeah, but this, is just, it's so exciting overall to to, have this, this phase, um, uh, be put to bed. And to share it with our community and see their reaction. And, um, I've also been trying to inventory all of those team layouts. So for every sketch, there's at least 3 to 12 layout examples. So we have thousands of layouts from our team over the years. And, many of them, if not, I would say the majority and by the majority, I mean more than 50 percent. Are in the library with the sketches. But some of the earlier ones only include one, maybe two examples. Um, So I'm trying to find some other ways that we can share all of these as, as visual inspiration with our community. Because there's just there's so much there. And the more ways that we can have to explore it, I think the better.

[00:44:40] Amy Zwart: Wow. Yeah, that, I bet it's a beautiful group of images to see it all together, I'm

[00:44:45] Amy Zwart: sure.

[00:44:46] Jennifer Wilson: Yes. So again, thank you, Amy, for, for spending so much time on this project.

[00:44:51] Peggy Collins: Thanks Amy.

[00:44:51] Jennifer Wilson: Thrilled about it.

[00:44:52] Amy Zwart: Yay, absolutely.

[00:44:54] Peggy Collins: Excited.

[00:44:54] Jennifer Wilson: So when this episode comes out, um, we will be a couple of weeks into our next creative journey. Um, so we have January, February, March, April, and now we're entering into May and June, which is the storytelling journey of the year. And these are like two month containers for how we run the membership. Um, they are lenses for additional conversations and for diving a little bit deeper and a way to know that you're kind of, you know, touching all the various aspects of your hobby throughout the year. But fundamentally we're trying to support our members exactly where they are. Um, help them focus on their own priorities and move those things forward. But the things, we do within, within each journey, all support that. So I just wanted to kind of run down some of the highlights of, of what we'll be doing during this journey. And I'd love if each of you kind of shared like what, what stands out to you, maybe a favorite part, or you think is a member favorite. Or just anything else that you wanted to add. Um, but to start off, um, we always choose a featured artist for each month. Most of them are interviewed here on the podcast. I actually had a chance to talk to our June featured artist, Wendy Erasmus, this morning. And I am talking to Flora Farkas tomorrow. Um, they are, um, similar and complete opposites at the same time in terms of their style. Um, uh, Flora is very detailed, layered, uses cut files, beautiful colors, and Wendy is very digital, minimalist, typographic, white space, focused. But they're both have very feminine styles overall. Um, so I'm just excited for you all to, um, to get to meet them on the podcast and to see their work that inspired, um, our new collection of sketches, as well as our member style challenge. Um, those challenges and examples are all shared in our Spark magazine. Which, now that our creative team has, is it 21 members, I think. The last issue was I believe 146 pages. Uh, it is getting chunky and it's amazing. It is ad free. And it's just it makes me so proud that we're able to do this and have done it for so long. Um, we are, and I think this is issue will be issue 104, 105. I don't know. I like flabbergast myself every time I think about that because this magazine really is so much, uh, represents the team effort behind the scenes of how many people have to, to touch this, um, to make it happen and to also deliver everything else to our community. So it's just, uh, yeah, I'm incredibly proud of it and what our team does to make all this happen. Each journey we have two big events. One is a weekend retreat, all virtual online, come in your pajamas. This one will be our Refresh Retreat, which is a little bit more A little bit more introspective, um, but designed to help you reconnect with your hobby and yourself, of course.

[00:48:19] Jennifer Wilson: And then that is bookend in the second month with Finishing Day, um, where we really encourage you to make some progress, whether you're starting in the middle of, or finishing, finishing, um, you are focusing on one thing and really moving it forward. And then of course, we also have our book club. We have six nonfiction selections this year. Where we connect all that wisdom to scrapbooking. And for this journey, we are reading You the Story. Um, and I'm really excited to, this is a little bit different for some of the things we've read before, and I'm excited to talk more about, um, documenting yourself and telling your own stories and memoir and coming at it from a different perspective. So I'm, I'm particularly excited. I'm excited about all the journeys, but I think this one's going to be really good. It's a fun time of year where everyone's outside. Where everyone's eager to take photos and and really, uh, dive into their hobby. And so before I lose my voice, the third podcast episode I've recorded today. I would love to hear what, what stands out for you guys.

[00:49:32] Peggy Collins: Well, I was at a crop with some members this last weekend and there, uh, one of them had brought the Spark magazine printed. I had not seen it printed. It was very purdy. It was gorgeous. Yeah. So that was really fun to get to see that. I think that there was always so much, goodness in that. It was one of the first things when I joined the membership, but I was really blown away by the magazine and all of the things that it, brings. That's super fun and the design team is just knocking it out of the park right now. Everything just really innovative, beautifully done, fun stories. I think they're just doing a really great job.

[00:50:12] Amy Zwart: Absolutely, yeah, it's so cool to see. And in such fresh ideas to happening. Great work for sure. Everyone should be proud, including you Jennifer, with that. That's, that's big.

[00:50:25] Jennifer Wilson: Thank you. Thank you. I will honor Neisha here because she is the one doing the heavy lifting of getting each issue together and Amy M for corralling the team and all of their pages. It's so interesting because I, I, and I think I've mentioned this in the show before, we kind of have our front of house team and our back of house team. And, um, there's just, It's, yeah, there's always a lot going on for sure.

[00:50:51] Peggy Collins: Yes, I can't even keep track of all of it. I don't know how you do it.

[00:50:57] Jennifer Wilson: I do it because of all of you. I can't, I could not do this alone, um, without, without the team. Um, without Helen to edit these podcast episodes. Um, yeah, it all, it all exists and continues on because of how we've all come together, around it. And, and also the, how the members continue to feed the excitement and momentum inside the community as well.

[00:51:25] Peggy Collins: Absolutely.

[00:51:27] Amy Zwart: Yeah. And the way you both bring you know, such fresh perspectives to each journey too. I think the Storytelling theme is always a really fun one to, um, stop and pause, I guess. Like, you know, Jennifer, you talked about you're, you're out taking photos, you know, as it, as the season turns to summer here. But it also like it enforces the idea to also journal those stories or take some notes too. And sometimes I think summer can get really busy. And it's a great reminder to say, step back and just write down a few things. And, you know, document now, and create later approach sometimes has to happen. But kind of just that, that, new breath that you guys give it to have us stop and think, you know, about different things. So I always appreciate that in the storytelling journey itself. But the other thing I wanted to point out is how book club has been part of a new thing you've done this year with revisiting our journey plans for the second month. And I think that's brought a lot of success to people. I think giving you permission to change your plans. And also just reminding you to review your plans. Really has helped people say, Oh yeah, that was a big focus and I haven't done any of that yet. So either a, I need to change my plans and not do that, or B, I need to course correct. And instead of doing more photo management work this next month, I'm going to jump back into that project I wanted to finish. Or, you know, whatever the case may be in their journey plans. So I love having that little time to reflect before you know, book club, which has its own level of excitement and energy and, you know, conversation. So I think those are things that a lot of members are looking forward to and appreciating in each journey as well.

[00:53:21] Jennifer Wilson: Yes, no, I thank you for bringing that up. Because I think as we, uh, particularly last year, you know, Peggy and I were listening very intently to what was being said. And this idea of losing momentum in the second month kept coming up again and again. And so we're trying to figure out, okay, how can we do this without adding too much more. Because I knew I wanted to have book club. But I didn't really want to have a book club night and a member meeting night. And then have to figure out how those are all going to work around all the other crops that we have and the weekend events. So combining them together just really seemed to make sense. And the rhythm, what we have now of meeting, you know, towards the beginning of every month, um, it just seems to, to work really well. It's our, you know, one of our best attended events of the month. And Um, yeah, I'm, I'm so, so glad that we made that change.

[00:54:13] Amy Zwart: And I'm always grateful when they're recorded, you know, as all those things are. Um, book club, I always say if you can attend it live, you know, it's always, you get that much more out of it when you can participate live. But the journey plans, like those are questions that you go over and you pause. You know, you can definitely do that, not live. You know, and just catch up on a recording and just. Get yourself permission to say, yes, I'm going to take the time to do that and refocus. And, um, I've had to do that myself with schedule conflicts. So I think, you know, reminding people that that's an option and it's still just as valuable is helpful too.

[00:54:51] Jennifer Wilson: Oh, 100%. Now, I wanted to end here on kind of stepping back. We've talked about like all the different accomplishments in the community and the variety of, of resources and experiences that we have. But, you know, ultimately, the idea that we're trying to all come together around and promote is that we want to create consistently.

[00:55:15] Jennifer Wilson: We want to keep showing up to our hobby. We want to feel like we're moving forward. We want to have fun, tell our stories, get what we personally need out of our hobby and, and feel fulfilled by it. Um, and one thing that we've kind of been talking about for the past few years is, is encouragement of this goal of if you could just attend one crop per week. Whether that's with our members, with your friends, with some other community, um, whatever that looks like for you. Then that has such a snowball effect. And so I'm curious kind of how you've thought about that yourself. Um, we've already mentioned a little bit with Amy, you know, setting her own check in, um, uh, hosting crops as well. But how do you think this very small, very specific goal, um, how does it help and why is it important?

[00:56:04] Amy Zwart: I'll go first on this one. Because I, I can't stress it enough how important attending crops has been for me. But I think the key overall is it's your connection back to your hobby each week. And so, day to day, if you can't stay connected, you know, and life is busy and things happen. Once a week, it's always bringing you back. And, you know, we talk about leaving yourself breadcrumbs or kind of making a plan for when you're going to work on something. And then knowing in your mind, like, Oh, I have that crop on Thursday or on Tuesday, you know, whatever. Gives you a place to put that to do item. Also, like, you know, you can schedule it. So, um, I, I think it just holds that connection so much stronger. Um, but the other side of connection is the people. And, you know, every, every crop you attend is attended by different people here. Um, you know, a great mix of members. And I, I think, you know, they're all the same and they're all different, right?

[00:57:07] Amy Zwart: They each have their own little flavor and their own little, little fun. Um, and productive and, you know, magnitude different. ways. So I just think that's the other side of this community is the community. And when you're not able to attend a crop, you miss out on that whole side of it. And so, you know, I don't mean that in a FOMO kind of way. I just mean like, you don't know what you're missing if you haven't done it yet. And, you know, I'd really encourage people to attend it, um, attend a crop for that reason as well. Just to see what other people are working on. You know, what kinds of problems they're running into that you might have some tips to add, or what questions you can ask of others.

[00:57:50] Amy Zwart: Um, the interaction is, you you know, a huge part of it as well.

[00:57:55] Jennifer Wilson: I especially love the point you raised at the beginning with the, the week to week connection. Um, we've talked a lot about this, uh, philosophy of, of not missing twice. But that's not just for like things that you want to do every day. It could be things that you want to make sure you're touching every single week.

[00:58:16] Jennifer Wilson: Um, Because yes, things are going to come up. We're going to have crazy busy weeks, but if you don't miss twice, you'll always be able to come back. Um, because we've all known others and probably had experiences ourselves where the, if you don't touch it for a while, it's out of sight, out of mind, and then you're moving on.

[00:58:33] Jennifer Wilson: And I'm like, Oh yeah, that was a, that was important to me, but I wasn't saying it connected to it. And, it's just such a, a simple act that makes a big difference.

[00:58:43] Peggy Collins: Kind of to dovetail on both what both of you said, that it's often easier to keep going than it is to start again. So, even if you're not doing a full hour, even if you're not doing what you would, you know, maybe it's a two hour crop and you can't come for the whole two hours. To to just keep doing it at some level keeps the car in motion.

[00:59:10] Peggy Collins: I don't understand what it is. I really don't, but I know it's true that if I've been doing something, it's easier to keep it going than it is if I stop dead and really take a big break. That it's really hard to get going again. And that's across, that's not just scrapbooking, that's a lot of different arenas.

[00:59:29] Peggy Collins: So Yeah.

[00:59:32] Peggy Collins: Like if you lose, if you're off the track, it's super hard to get back on. And so this, this idea that at least once a week, you're going to do a little something. And then if you roll in the, I'm not going to miss it more than once. Right, I'm not going to miss it two times in a row. That kind of thing, will really result in you continuing versus having to start and stop and start and stop.

[00:59:55] Peggy Collins: I think there were years in my hobby that that was exactly what I was doing. It was very discouraging. It was really hard. It was just a gargantuan effort to start again. Um, where now even I haven't had a particularly productive couple months, I would say. But I have kept my finger in the pie and done a little bit of something every week.

[01:00:18] Peggy Collins: And I don't feel like, Oh, now I have to start over. I really have to start again. It's just a matter of maybe I can just do a little bit more and I can start to, to ramp back up. So, um, I second everything that all of us, all of both of you said. Um, and just encourage folks to just try to keep it rolling.

[01:00:38] Jennifer Wilson: Yes. Yes. Well said. This has been, as always, very insightful and I love, um, being able to share this work with you all. And being able to, to chat about it, um, both with the things that we're doing, as well as the things that we're working on inside the community. So thank you.

[01:00:57] Peggy Collins: Thanks ladies. Always fun.

[01:00:59] Amy Zwart: Yes, thank you.

[01:01:00] Amy Zwart: Mm

[01:01:01] Jennifer Wilson: Any, final thoughts? Um, I believe neither one of you are super active on Instagram. Has that changed since we last chatted?

[01:01:11] Peggy Collins: Nope. I watch.

[01:01:15] Amy Zwart: My answer is always you can find me in the crop room

[01:01:18] Peggy Collins: Yes.

[01:01:18] Amy Zwart: More in anywhere in community. Yeah.

[01:01:22] Jennifer Wilson: I love that.

[01:01:22] Amy Zwart: Yes, yes, in the community and in the crop room.

[01:01:25] Jennifer Wilson: Thank you again so much. And to all of our listeners, please remember that you have permission to scrapbook your way.

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We believe simple is not how your page looks, but how your scrapbooking hobby works. We have a free workshop called SPARKED and it is the best way to learn more about Simple Scrapper and start creating consistently.


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