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Jennifer Wilson

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November 28, 2009

sleigh with gifts

You’re making lists and checking them twice, trying to keep your spirits high and your wits about you.  The last thing you need to worry about is whether you remembered to get extra batteries for the camera. Use this list of questions to make sure you’re ready to capture every memory of the season.

  1. Do you know where your camera is?
  2. Is your camera clean and in good working order?
  3. Do you have spare batteries and/or a charger?
  4. Did you clean off the memory card and back up your images?
  5. Do you have an extra memory card? Do you know where it is?
  6. Do you know where the USB camera cable (or the memory card adapter) is?
  7. Where will you download your photos? Will you print any photos?
  8. Will you use additional lenses? Where are they?
  9. Will you use an external flash? Where is it?
  10. Are there any other accessories you need?
  11. Do you have a camera bag for all these supplies?
  12. Does your camera bag need to be cleaned out?
  13. What will you use to document your thoughts and feelings?

What else is in your sleigh of essentials?

Photo by Svailfari

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  1. Stan

    A few more things always in my camera bag:

    Small notebook and pen/pencil to make notes and thoughts.
    Lens tissue and cleaner – they are inexpensive and small to carry in your bag.
    If you have it – a lens shade. You’ll see most pros always have a lens shade to block stray light.
    Powerbar / Fiber One bar – all that shooting makes one hungry!

    Stan at Scrappers Workshop



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