Learning From Your Mistakes

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I have a confession to make. I was supposed to write a post here at Simple Scrapper last Wednesday. It’s a standing date, the third Wednesday of the month is my day to share my insights with you. This month, I blew it. I forgot to post, and didn’t realize it until late last night. Luckily, Jennifer is very understanding and I’m here posting today. I easily could have written a post and forgotten about it, but there was a lesson to learn here.

See, it the past weeks, I’ve gotten lax about following my to do lists and keeping on top of my calendar. I’ve been working from a general outline in my mind and getting by. Until now. The lesson to learn: it’s time to get back into keeping myself organized and on top of my commitments. I need to drag out my notepad and update my Google Calendar so that I’m not in this place again.

Making mistakes is easy. Making sure we learn something from the mistakes we make is a bit more difficult. The thing is, as the saying goes, if we don’t learn from the mistakes, we are doomed to make them again. How does this tie in with productivity? Increasing your productivity requires you to refine your current practices. How can I make things work better, more efficiently? Often, mistakes our nature’s way of telling us that we need to make some changes. Sure they’re distracting and a nuisance, but if we take something away from them, we can use that to help refine our own process.

It’s all about becoming a better, faster, stronger, you right? How have you learned from scrapbooking mistakes?

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