Welcome back to the 34 Things Blog Party! You can see the introductory post in this series here, but here’s the gist:

To kick off my 34th year, I’m telling 34 stories. I’m sharing 34 things I want my daughter to know about me, all small-but-significant stories that didn’t make it into the album for my Before Your Story workshop.

And best of all, you’re invited to participate with me! You can find all of the instructions at the end of this post.

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#2 of 34 | This is my our dream house. This one lives in Indiana and we saw it for the first time on our first date to the Covered Bridge Festival. We’re eager to move from the tiny house where you were born and would love to have a charming two-story farmhouse with a big wrap-around porch like this one. We want more space, inside and out, but with the charm and coziness of older homes. We’re working hard towards this dream.

#3 of 34 | Coffee was an aha moment for me. Though I had enjoyed caffeinated pop for many years, I remember the first time I had coffee. I was at a conference in San Francisco in 2005 and partook of the free coffee in between sessions. (Yes, I apparently went through college and graduate school without coffee.) I was alert and energized unlike ever before, finally understanding why so many are addicted to it. My coffee habit is always changing, but I love the taste and know I can turn to this old friend when I need a boost.

#4 of 34 | I hate wearing socks. I will avoid wearing socks and closed-toed shoes for as long as possible, usually until there is more than an inch of snow on the ground. I prefer to be barefoot or wearing sandals if I have to go out; my feet like to breathe. When I did field work, you could often find me wearing my Tivas in the water without waders. I don’t mind getting my feet wet or even dirty, just don’t cover them up. I’ve even hiked in sandals, because boots and hiking socks are the ultimate way to make me feel suffocated. This is one of my biggest idiosyncrasies.

#5 of 34 | I need encouragement to get out. I am a natural homebody and love the rhythms of everyday life, but I’ve never regretted accepting an offer to go have some fun. My friend Barry was the perfect adventure companion when we both lived in DC. I know there are many things I wouldn’t have seen, like the tunnel underneath the Capitol, if it wasn’t for some coaxing to get out and explore. I’m excited for the days when you ask to do things and go places, because it will be just the motivation I need.

#6 of 34 | I’m not a very good driver. I took driver’s education before my 16th birthday, but was so nervous about driving that I didn’t even get my license on my birthday. I didn’t drive regularly until the summer after my 17th birthday and had more than a few fender-benders between 17 and 22. My first car, which Lauren named Purple Rain, was totaled right before my senior year of college. I was trying to do a U-turn while holding a piece of toast. Hilarious, sorta. Even today, I’m a very nervous driver and don’t enjoy it.

#7 of 34 | It was love at first sight. Someday I’ll tell you more of this story, but what I most want you to know was that your Dad and I had an instant connection. We didn’t really know what it was the first time we met, but there was something there that gave both of us butterflies. We even ran into each other six months later, just briefly. But it was at a conference nines months after we first met that we had a chance to talk. And we never stopped.

How to Participate

To participate, create a blog post with your list of 34 things. It doesn’t have to be long or even include photos. You could even create a layout and post it to a gallery. Then, link up your post by February 27 for a chance to win a seat in Before Your Story.

Note: You’ll see some of the Simple Scrapper team members participating too. Look for (giveaway) on the linky entries for even more chances to win a seat in my Before Your Story workshop!

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