34 years ago today, at 5:07 in the morning, I was born.

I didn’t really take much notice when I turned 30, but this birthday has me feeling more introspective about so many things. I am quite certain this is partially due to working on and completing the album for Before Your Story, my new workshop at Big Picture Classes.

Note: If you’ve not yet watched the trailer video for the workshop, you can see it in the sidebar on the right!

As I went through the process of capturing my life from birth to adulthood in one album, I realized just how many more stories I want to tell. And in particular, how much I want my daughter to know about me.

Telling my story will be a life-long project, but there’s always a way to do just a little bit right now. Because it’s all those little bits that add up to a legacy of memories.

To kick off my 34th year, I’m telling 34 stories. I’m sharing 34 things I want my daughter to know about me, all small-but-significant stories that didn’t make it into the album for my workshop.


34 Things Blog Party

In lieu of a Happy Birthday, I would love if you joined me for an extended blog party. Every Wednesday for the next month I’m going to post a portion of my 34 Things list. And you’re invited to join in by sharing your own list anytime between now and February 27. And just as a fun incentive, one participant will win a seat in Before Your Story or have her purchase refunded.

Here’s my first entry:
#1 of 34 | My grandmother had Parkinson’s Disease. When her health began to decline more quickly, she asked me what color afghan I would like. It being the early 90’s and me being a tween, I said “teal and purple” as I imagined stripes like a rugby shirt. Due to her tremors and pains, it took two years for her to finish my afghan. It would be the last thing she would ever crochet. To be honest I’ve always thought it was a little ugly, but it’s also more beautiful than words can describe.


Additional Things: #2-7 | #8-14 | #15-21 | #22-28 | #29-34

How to Participate

To participate, create a blog post with your list of 34 things. It doesn’t have to be long or even include photos. Then, link up your post by February 27 for a chance to win a seat in Before Your Story.

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