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Welcome back to the 34 Things Blog Party! You can see the introductory post in this series here, but here’s the gist:

To kick off my 34th year, I’m telling 34 stories. I’m sharing 34 things I want my daughter to know about me, all small-but-significant stories that didn’t make it into the album for my Before Your Story workshop.

And best of all, you’re invited to participate with me! You can find all of the instructions at the end of this post.

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#22 of 34 | I created my first scrapbook for the math club. With a love of photography and crafts, I was totally made for scrapbooking. I first tried it out in creating a sorority-style scrapbook for the high school math club (Mu Alpha Theta) with a padded cover. I wish I had photos of the insides, but each photo was cropped to different shapes like hearts, circles, and stars.


#23 of 34 | I had a fish and a cat in my dorm room. When I got back from the Biosphere, I got a beta fish. And then one of my three roommates had a cat who always slept with me. Neither of these things were technically allowed, but we never got caught. (Side note: I love seeing all the different items that were on my desk 12 years ago, as well as my daily schedule!)


#24 of 34 | I took dance lessons for several years. I remember dance being a big part of my childhood before we moved to Texas. It wasn’t a serious activity with competitions, but it was a consistent one for several years. I remember both the lessons and the recitals (and that I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup). I took ballet, tap, and jazz.


#25 of 34 | My bachelorette party was in San Diego. (Gosh, the first thing I notice here was how long my hair was!) We rented a condo to be our home base and my friends took me out on the town in the Gaslamp District of San Diego. Of course, prior to heading out we played a variety of crazy games but I wasn’t required to wear anything to embarrassing.


#26 of 34 | On my 2nd birthday, I wouldn’t let anyone eat the clown. Much effort went into creating an adorable birthday cake with a clown on it. But I thought we would hurt the clown if we cut into him. (My cakes never had living things on them again.) So we ate around the clown, at least until I went to bed. I hear that my dad had to eat a lot of cake to make the clown disappear unscathed.


#27 of 34 | I’ve always enjoyed organizing things. My mom tells me that this photo was taken because I was proud of the way I had arranged all my toys. I believe it. I was the kid who would visit a friend’s house and suggest that we clean her room. Even today I value things being in order and prefer to be in well-organized spaces.


#28 of 34 | My friends hired a male stripper for my 19th birthday. There’s not a lot to say on this one. I was very surprised and hid in the shower when they told me “there’s a cop at the door”. His name was Sean and we’re pretty sure he was the only male stripper in town who would do college parties. Yes, I have photos.


How to Participate & Win

To participate, create a blog post with your list of 34 things. It doesn’t have to be long or even include photos. You could even create a layout and post it to a gallery. Then, link up your post by February 27 for a chance to win a seat in Before Your Story.

Note: You’ll see some of the Simple Scrapper team members and friends participating too. Look for (giveaway) on the linky entries for even more chances to win a seat in my Before Your Story workshop!

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  1. Jamie Leija

    I never pictured you as a rebel Jennifer! A cat in a dorm, now that’s just amazing



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