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Welcome back to the 34 Things Blog Party! You can see the introductory post in this series here, but here’s the gist:

To kick off my 34th year, I’m telling 34 stories. I’m sharing 34 things I want my daughter to know about me, all small-but-significant stories that didn’t make it into the album for my Before Your Story workshop.

Last week I posted my final installment in the series. I loved spending time with these small groups of photos, teasing apart what they meant and how they told part of my story. You can see each of my entries at these links:

#1 | #2-7 | #8-14 | #15-21 | #22-28 | #29-34

I also thought it would be fun to see all the photos together. So I made this collage in Lightroom. (Tip: You can make something similar with the Big Huge Labs Mosaic Maker!)

Today’s post is to thank everyone for joining me on this journey, especially those who participated in the blog party by linking up their own lists! And most importantly, I used random.org to select one of the participants as a winner!

Cynthia Gael, aka fancyscrapper, created an awesome list of 34 things. Here’s my favorite:

You should hear my Dad tell the story of the miraculous events surrounding our move, including having to have the Ryder truck returned by a certain hour on a certain day, and that day was a Sunday. Since Dad was helping found a church, we were at church Sunday morning, and they made an announcement that we might need some help getting moved in that afternoon. So many people showed up to help, that my Mom was reduced to just giving directions to where stuff should go. Bed frames were assembled and mattresses put in place. The washer and dryer got hooked up. People brought food along with helping hands. It was pretty amazing. The Ryder truck got back on time.

Congratulations Cynthia! Please email me to claim your seat or your refund. You can check out all of the participants here:

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  1. Mala

    I found the last Briefings of Episode 6. 2 are in the room where you fight the Last Guardian of Limbo, they’re in the upper parts where there is a destroyed brgdie, one on either side. I don’t remember all the exact locations of the others, but they are in Limbo and Shadowlands so look around in them thoroughly you’ll find them. But I still need to know how to unlock the Amazon Chest and Legs.


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