10 Things I’m Loving Right Now

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This year I’m making investments of time and energy into thoughtful content that’s useful to you. From blog posts to classes, I’m striving to uphold your trust in me while also growing it within myself.

One of the ways that manifests is at the intersection of depth and transparency. I want you to know not just what to expect here at Simple Scrapper, but also what’s fueling me behind-the-scenes.

A favorite part of our twice-monthly member chats is a collective sharing of excitements. When I ask the group “What’s exciting you about scrapbooking? What are you loving right now?” I enjoy hearing the variety of responses.

This exercise has a special cross-pollination effect as the enthusiasm of one person is spread to another. It is my hope that today’s post (and the comments below) serve to boost yours.
10 Things I'm Loving Right Now

Here’s what I’m excited about:

1. The Simple Scrapper members – When I go into a workshop session, all the “who am I to…” feelings start bubbling up. Teaching is very much an exercise in vulnerability. However, by the end of class all I feel is gratitude to have so many members willing to open themselves up to transformation and share their experiences.

2. Canon PIXMA Pro 100 Wide-Format Printer – I never thought I needed a more than a 4×6 printer until recently. As I was working on my December Daily album, I felt frustrated that I would have to order 6×8 photos. Motivation ebbs and flows for me; so when I want photos, I want them now. I am just getting started, but so far I’m impressed.

3. Classes that motivate, inspire, and challenge – Investment in my own continuing education is a priority for me this year. I’ve spent a lot of time finding clarity in my own head, so I need to trust that solid core as I gather knowledge and inspiration from others. I do have the time to learn.

4. My Traveler’s Notebook from Foxy Fix – This has been a huge surprise for me. I never expected to like planning and note-taking in any sort of bound-book situation, but O-M-G! The lay-flat design of traveler’s notebooks won me over and I’m working on adding this format to my planner line-up.

5. Working on Photo Crush and The Finishing Project – These were my most popular classes last year and I’m really enjoying the process of exploring how I can make them even better. Whether a class is live or self-paced, I’m working hard to make sure the experience is simple and motivating from start to finish.

6. Story Kit embellishments from Ali Edwards – I am a sucker for word embellishments of any kind – flat, perforated, clear, rub-on, or chipboard. Of all the supplies in my stash, I know I can turn to my Ali Edwards supplies for a thoughtful sentiment. I love how her products are timeless and pair well with any color palette or pattern.

7. A Color Story app from A Beautiful Mess – I’ve had a love-hate relationship with photo editing apps on my phone. Most of them are too complicated and fussy for my tastes, so I either don’t edit until my computer or a make do with Instagram. I am excited that this app has curves built-in for exposure editing before using a filter.

8. 9×12 Color Theory Albums from Studio Calico – For so long I claimed I would never use any albums other than We R Memory Keepers. But after a failed attempt at using an 8.5×11 album last year, I wanted to find out if 9×12 could be a happy medium between letter-sized and 12×12. We’ll see; I’m actively trying to be less restrictive on my own creativity.

9. Deepening friendships with creative women – I’m an introvert who can be shy around new people, so face-to-face experiences aren’t always at the top of my to-do list. After having some positive experiences last year, I felt ready to actively work on both one-on-one friendships and initiating group activities. First up was hosting a crop for local members during last week’s Refresh workshop.

10. The Simple Scrapper Book Club – I am sort of re-bloomer when it comes to reading. I read voraciously while growing up, including once bringing the entire Sunset Island series on a family vacation. While I always read a couple books a year, it took finally feeling settled into my adulthood to realize how much I missed having it as part of daily life. Most of what I read these days is non-fiction and I’m so thrilled to explore twelve books with the community this year.

I’d love if you shared a comment listing (just briefly) what you’re loving or are excited about right now.

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  1. Alissa

    I too am loving the Deep Dive Photo Freedom with Stacy & Noell. It is starting my 2016 off on the right foot as I refresh this system, which I have used off and on for about 10 years.

  2. Melissa Gross

    I am excited about the Simple Scrapper Book Club and looking forward to tonight’s discussion. I’m excited to be participating in a few Reading Challenges this year, too.

    I’m also excited about several classes this year – Fit 2016 with Cathy Z for motivation to keep making healthy living choices and Teach What You Do with Debbie Hodge for challenging myself to learn and try something new. And I’m excited about the opportunities to continue teaching illustrated Bible Journaling workshops at local scrapbook stores and churches – currently preparing for the first five days (ten classes!) that I have scheduled between Jan 30 and March 3.

  3. Susan Manohar

    I love that you want to add a traveler’s notebook component to the SS planner! Being a lefty, I don’t do well with binders, so I cut down some of the SS planner pages and glued them in a moleskine notebook. Love it!! I’m using it specifically for memory keeping, and its working so well 🙂

  4. lisa h

    Such a great list! I do a monthly blog post about my loves (going for 16 per month this year!) with a mix of inspiration, personal things and creative loves. Your list has inspired me to try and go a bit deeper every now and again. thanks for sharing.

  5. Judi P

    I’ve been thinking about trying 9X12, too – can’t wait to hear how it goes! I’m also very excited for the book club, it’s part of my commitment to becoming more connected with others this year. And I’m super excited about the Refresh course we just finished – love the feeling of having a plan and got so much inspiration from it!!

  6. Gab

    I’m very excited about book club even though I haven’t actually read the book yet! I’m also excited that I am just about finished Winter Refresh! And I’m using my planner! And I’ve made about 3 pages this year already. I have also lost 2kgs and 14cm so I’m happy that my journey towards health is moving forward.

  7. Viv

    I’m excited about photos coming back from the printers so I can scrapbook memories from 2015. Getting to grips with doing pocket page scrapbooking as for medical reasons I can do page layouts. Just trying to start and finish a book in the year. Working through the book about exploring the world around me to help me appreciate things and what’s around me. And hopefully do one of your on line courses to learn something new. And if I manage to do all of that I’ll be over the moon! 🙂

  8. HelenH

    For literally right now, loving that it’s Saturday morning and I can stay in bed after 7, drinking coffe and watching David Bowie videos, and there is NO blizzard outside my window!

  9. Marina

    Love this list Jennifer! Wide-format printing peaks my interest but I will have to resist for now since I have a regular printer I am happy with. Also LOVE all the classes you shared and am happy that you’re taking one with Susannah. She is lovely!

  10. Terri T.

    The Simple Scrapper Membership. Seriously I have no idea why I haven’t joined before but I was looking for a class of some sort and nothing fit the bill. I did consider Stacey’s class. I think I’ve taken every class she’s ever offered and I’ve been a LOM devotee since the beginning but I just don’t do well with self paced classes. I needed the motivation and the community.vand I found it here.

    Other things that are exciting me – Modern Mrs. Darcy (aka Anne Bogel), planning my son’s homeschool curriculum for next year (this is our first foray into homeschooling) and planning a vacation to Quebec.


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