The Nature Fix by Florence Williams

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This month the Simple Scrapper Book Club is reading The Nature Fix by Florence Williams. Do you always feel better after being outdoors? Learn how more time in nature can boost your creative productivity.

New to the Book Club?

Each month we read a non-fiction selection and have a conversation connecting the ideas to scrapbooking. Discussion guides are free for all and posted on the 3rd of each month. Monthly chats take place in our member community, generally on the last Thursday of the month.

If you enjoy books about self-improvement, creativity, happiness, and storytelling, this is the club for you. Because the chosen books are non-fiction, there are no spoilers. That means you are welcomed and encouraged to participate whether or not you finished (or even started) the book. The intent is to share ideas at the intersection of intentional living and scrapbooking.

Our fundamental question for the book club is:

What can we take away that would add more joy or ease to memory keeping?

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  1. Carmelle Landreville

    Hi Jennifer,
    I thank you for the Guide “The Nature Fix by Florence Williams”
    I translate it in french with Google. I LIKE THIS BOOK.
    I LIKE TO BE OUSTSIDE… I’m taking my hot chocolat every morning on my gallery or patio. I use to have a summer cottage but I sold it 3 years ago, it was to hard for me the house and the cottage… At home, I feed the birds, they want to come inside my house… My grand daughter send me a book for birds and I’m trying to find their names… The snow is gone… NOT VERY LONG AGO… The summer is here… I read all the podcast that you send to me, I like all of them… I will be at the chat if there is nothing to disturb… My daughter will go at the hospital monday may 27, to have an operation… hope she will be there only a couple of days… I listen the video to get some scrapbook kits ready. I love your page (layout) it was beautiful.. Also I will upload some photos for Before my story in your class space if it is ok with you… I like all of the layouts the girls put on the site… I’m getting ready to start the Backgrounds class… Have a beautiful weekend! Carmelle Landreville


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