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Technology is an inevitable part of modern memory keeping. In this week’s episode I’m sharing a quick run-down of all the tech tools in my creative workflow, from photo taking to photo printing. Plus, I introduce the newest class inside of our membership community: Trello for Scrapbookers.

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  1. Carmelle

    Hi Jennifer,
    I would like to know if I can print the Podcast SYW030 Tech Stack or it is something I have to listen ?
    I went on the Trello site and wrote a couple of cards…

    I will listen the podcast tomorrow and I will be back with more questions…
    Is the purpose of the podcast all about Trello? Carmelle

  2. Samantha Kauffman

    I also have the Samsung note 9 and love it but was curious if anyone else recommended another camera app?

  3. Carmelle

    What is Samsung Note 9 ?

    I have a Samsung cell A50

    • Samantha Kauffman

      It’s a phone by samsung

      • Carmelle Landreville

        Thanks Samantha.. I’m presently listening Trello part 2..

  4. Terri Fullerton

    I am stuck on Trello because it says that my team has no more available boards. How do I add another personal board? I started with team boards couple of years ago, but don’t use them. Now it looks like I can’t create any personal boards at all, which should be unlimited.

    • Teaching Assistant - Kim Edsen

      Hmmm, yes it looks like there is a limit to the number of team boards you can have (10) but not to the number of personal boards. For some reason it is trying to create a Team board vs. a personal one? Have you tried a Google search for a solution? It looks like there are some suggestions out there.

      • Terri Fullerton

        I did look for google answers, but nothing that says how to add a personal board, not a team board

        • Jennifer Wilson

          Terri, I have one possible option of what is happening as I found this confusing myself. When you create a new board you need to select “No Team” from the team drop-down in order to create a personal board.


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