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Editor’s Note: We are excited to have Lorilei Murphy as our featured artist for June. Her work inspired our latest collection of sketches and templates inside of the membership. Please enjoy our interview with Lorilei for our My Way series.

What’s exciting you right now?

I have been trying out the new Storyline Chapter inserts by Heidi Swapp and they have taken me by storm! For me they are a combination of a scrapbook layout and a traveler’s notebook! I love the size!

What’s one story on your Bucket List?

I don’t really have a bucket list. I did make a list of adventures I’d love to go on and one of them was to go to New York City with my daughter and hit Broadway 🙂

How did you start scrapbooking?

I tried scrapbooking when I was first married (120 years ago) and had solid color cardstock and the scissors with ripply edges. I made about 10 spreads and didn’t revisit scrapbooking until about 2014 when I made 3-4 layouts. I then found Project Life and started albums. I joined Big Picture Classes in 2017 and started trying more creative layouts and that’s when I really got my start!

How has your hobby changed since you began?

I still like to try new things and I don’t think it has really changed to much per se.

How would you describe your style? How did you discover your style?

That is a tough question!! I like many styles, so maybe my overall style would be defined as eclectic. I try to stick to a style per project but each project might look a little different. I tend to gear my style towards the product I am using.

How do you stay motivated to create?

I love to create; I have always been crafty or artsy and have never really had an issue with motivation. If I don’t feel like crafting or memory keeping on any given day, I am happy to take a day off and watch a movie or cook or clean etc. I don’t see it as a lack of motivation, just rest or recharging.

June is “Get Geeky” month at Simple Scrapper. What advice do you have for scrapbookers trying to better leverage technology to document memories?

That is super cool that June is Get Geeky month! I absolutely adore Photoshop and love to incorporate hybrid into my projects. It’s fun to use apps on your phone as well for photos. Personally, technology helps me to tell more stories as the journaling is easier to type and edit.

What do you LOVE in scrapbooking right now?

I LOVE stamping. The array of stamps is amazing and there are so many options available!!

How do you stay organized? Are there any solutions that you would recommend?

Organization is a big deal. I quickly realized that it is part of the hobby. Being on design teams meant a lot of products coming into my scrap room! I try to stay organized with IRIS containers to hold collections and bins etc to organize stamps. I have two IKEA drawer units to organize tools and inks and sometimes there are just piles 🙂

What is your biggest lesson learned from your scrapbooking experience so far?

I would say the biggest lesson I have learned is that there is no right way to scrapbook or tell your story. Being a creative type I started out searching for rules or guidelines to contain my “let’s use all the things on one page” natural tendency. For a long time I was not fulfilled by projects I would make. I made up my own “rules” so that I could combine stories/photos and creativity without going overboard and make decisions on how to use products and project types and be pleased with the results!

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